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Thin Preso vs Thick Preso


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Let's get kids doing better presentations!

Published in: Education
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Thin Preso vs Thick Preso

  1. 1. PRESO vs PRESO
  2. 2. Which style is better? …it depends what the goal is.
  3. 3. Each of these looks has a place in education Rigor comes from the clock, not the slide design.
  4. 4. The Lean Slide Look Speaking skills Internalized information Intonation Passion Quick builds Collaborative Key elements
  5. 5. Examples: Haiku deck Pecha Kucha Slideshare Slide:ology Iron Chef Lesson
  6. 6. The Research Preso Key Elements Writing skills Researched information Comparison Free standing - no speaker Long builds Solo builds
  7. 7. When do we use which type?
  8. 8. Uses of “lean slides” Quick summaries Check for understanding In class activities Speaking and listening skills Collaborative builds
  9. 9. Uses of “fat slides” Scaffolded writing In depth research Technical skills Advanced note taking processes Deep comparison Developing table skills
  10. 10. Research Preso Example: Slideshare
  11. 11. Iron Chef Lesson Research Preso Example:
  12. 12. Research Preso Research Preso Example:
  13. 13. Use Templates
  14. 14.
  15. 15. Design one THIN Slide
  16. 16. Design ONE Thin Slide Something you care about ONE epic picture ONE key word Share to
  17. 17. Design one THICK Slide
  18. 18. Design ONE Thick Slide Something you care about Two pictures that explain Four fact bullets 1st person quote - BLUE 3rd person quote - RED Venn Diagram 2 or 3 Two Citation URLs Share to
  19. 19. PRESO vs PRESO