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Sept 16 breakout benchmarking and i pads


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Sept 16 breakout benchmarking and i pads

  1. 1. Proposed Mariposa Benchmarking Plan Providing a consistent experience for our students FORMATTING IS CRITICAL
  2. 2. Proposed Mariposa Benchmarking Plan One time, just to sample my 6th graders, I gave them a 100 question Scantron. I read them the ANSWERS. All they had to do was mark the correct bubble. On average, they missed 6-8 answers, even though they were given only answers
  4. 4. It’s not about Good Bad Weak StrongClasses The class is a random draw - we need to grow whomever we have
  5. 5. The red box is a huge change for kids
  6. 6. SELECT ONE OR MORE ANSWERS There are no “bubbles”
  7. 7. DRAG to the correct box - four answers
  8. 8. DRAG to the correct box
  9. 9. Enter figure AND DRAG to correct box
  10. 10. Proposed Mariposa Benchmarking Plan From CDE: “Signaling the state's commitment to the deeper learning and critical thinking embedded in the Common Core State Standards (CCSS), Assembly Bill 484, sponsored by Torlakson and authored by Bonilla, D-Concord, now calls for nearly all of the decade-old Standardized Testing and Reporting (STAR) program to be suspended during field tests of new assessments known as the Measurement of Academic Performance and Progress (MAPP). The bill calls for the new program to permanently replace STAR tests in the 2014-15 school year.”
  11. 11. Proposed Mariposa Benchmarking Plan Providing a consistent experience for our students “As originally written, the bill—based on recommendations from Torlakson—would have continued all federally required STAR tests for one more year during the transition. The revised legislation now calls for a full suspension of STAR tests in mathematics and English-language arts, while leaving science tests in place. The legislation also leaves in place voluntary primary language assessments and specialized assessments for students with severe disabilities.”   From CDE:
  12. 12. Proposed Mariposa Benchmarking Plan Providing a consistent experience for our students Transla)on:  If  AB  484  is  voted  upon  and  signed  by  the  Governor,   then  the  only  STAR  tests  administered  in  spring  2014  would  be   Science  Grades  5,  8,  10,  the  CAPA,  and  STS.    (Districts  will  have  the   op1on  to  contract  with  ETS  and  purchase  CSTs  for  their  own  use,  if  they   so  choose.)
  13. 13. Proposed Mariposa Benchmarking Plan “In states like California that will be field-testing more sophisticated and useful assessments this school year, the Department has offered flexibility to allow each student to take their state’s current assessment in English language arts and math or the new field tests in those subjects. That’s a thoughtful approach as states are transitioning to new standards,” Duncan said. “While standards and tests may not match up perfectly yet, backing away entirely from accountability and transparency is not good for students, parents, schools and districts.” Duncan did not hint at how or how much California would be penalized if it suspends state tests without a federal waiver. Ritsch said the federal government may withhold money it gives the state for testing and perhaps other funding. AND THEN THIS HAPPENED
  14. 14. Proposed Mariposa Benchmarking Plan Torlakson’s response 9/10/13 Torlakson, however, was unfazed and indicated he had no plans to amend the bill to meet the conditions of a waiver it has not yet sought, spokesman Paul Hefner said Monday night. “California has yet to receive guidance from the feds as to what would be acceptable,” said Hefner. The state had no inkling Duncan’s statement was coming, he said.
  15. 15. This situation is reminiscent of Hank Stram’s famous Superbowl quote: “Watch screen watch draw watch reverse......” <he smiles> “Heck, watch everything!”
  16. 16. Proposed Mariposa Benchmarking Plan Our existing data software. Our Admin and staff already know it.
  17. 17. Proposed Mariposa Benchmarking Plan We can purchase SBACC questions for Data Director Same familiar interface
  18. 18. Proposed Mariposa Benchmarking Plan Benchmark testing will be 100% online and digital Faster results for kids Better data for the district
  19. 19. Proposed Mariposa Benchmarking Plan Four Early Assessment Candidates
  20. 20. Text $199/teacher
  21. 21. $3/student Early Assessment
  22. 22. $60/teacher per year Early Assessment
  23. 23. $1/studentEarly Assessment
  24. 24. Proposed Mariposa Benchmarking Plan We’ll be selecting one of these later this Fall, after testing them with staff. Each program has various strengths and features.
  25. 25. Proposed Mariposa Benchmarking Plan Fall 2013 Winter 2013 Spring 2014 Fall 2014 Planning Rollout Full Adoption On-going Suspend/Delay Round 1 Benchmark Stakeholder discussions CCSS Benchmark Tests Initial Key Staff Tests • Evaluate TK-2 systems Round 1 and 2 CCSS Benchmarks Teacher training Large scale, slow rollout to test devices and infrastructure (bandwidth especially) • Rollout TK-2 Systems Round 3 Independent testing continues • TK-2 Systems begin full data feedback to district and parents Resume a 4 times a year benchmarking model
  26. 26. Click here:
  27. 27. Use this with Air Server!! COMING SOON
  28. 28. SUPER EASY
  29. 29. Cool tools and ideas for K-5 Learn to Read Great for whole group on your IWB Free and Common Core TK-5 diagnostic and individualized lessons in ELA and Math - with easy reporting! Free and Common Core Coming soon! Show your iPad wirelessly Mobi Tablet If you already have one of these and want cool ideas for use - Jon and Marlena will come to you for training! No need for doc cams! Mrs. Cassidy’s kids blog their way through her class - a super use of tech! Just Google: Mrs Cassidy blogSee real examples at: WHAT IS APP SMASHING?
  30. 30. iPad Math Apps, tips and tricks Foldify Educreations Infuselearning iPevo App $3.99 FREE FREE FREE $179 $28 Force Effect M FREE Geometry Pad $5.99 Wolfram Alpha • Flow Board • TOUCHCAST • Doceri
  31. 31. Chromebook No “keyboard” Weak for Media production Internet dependentInternet independent 1 million apps GOOGLE apps Strong media tool “can” do media Airplay Chromecast More expensive - better residual value Cheaper - less residual value iBooks - thousands of free textbooks Google Play - “emerging”
  32. 32. KIDS WIN EITHER WAY Maybe a mix is best?