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Learn Final Cut Pro X in under 30 slides...Now updated for 10.1.1

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Learn Final Cut Pro X in under 30 slides...Now updated for 10.1.1

  1. 1. Final Cut Pro X The Circus Wagon Project: Be Functional in Under 40 Slides Jon Corippo - Apple Distinguished Educator
  2. 2. Demystifying the Remarkably Simple Interface
  3. 3. Why the Circus Wagon Project? This will not be a pretty video; You will not likely ever show it to ANYONE
  4. 4. For this project: FORGET STORY This is straight cutting
  5. 5. Start up Final Cut Pro X
  6. 6. Make a new project
  7. 7. Use these settings 1080 is too big for most student projects
  8. 8. Click to Import Media
  9. 9. Import some footy with your iSight camera (super easy)
  10. 10. Record for about 45 seconds, then hit stop
  11. 11. Find the clip here
  12. 12. Name it Check these boxes! Don’t Optimize It sounds good, but it’s a bad idea for school GIANT FILES
  13. 13. Your clip will appear in the Event Viewer We’ll be dropping the entire clip into the timeline for this activity: drag it OR Expert Tip= Hit“E” Future Trick: I,O, E = In point, out point, enter to timeline
  14. 14. We like 720p for school stuff
  15. 15. One clip in the timeline Try this outCorrect clip parameters
  16. 16. An iMovie moment
  17. 17. iMovie OPTION: Send an iMovie Project in FCPX
  18. 18. The iMovie project appears in the FCPX Libraries
  19. 19. Your iMovie project opens in the timeline! Including all the CUTS and LAYERS
  20. 20. Back to Final Cut!
  21. 21. To enter cut mode: B for Blade To exit cut mode: A for Select
  22. 22. Use“B for Blade”to make about 15 cuts Make them roughly symmetrical
  23. 23. Effects Drag on effect on top of each clip, one per clip is enough Effects Icon Experiment! No worries Final Cut Pro X has 210 base effects
  24. 24. You should see things like this when you have applied effects to various clips
  25. 25. Find the Transition tab Transitions Final Cut Pro X has dozens of customizable Transitions Simply drag random Transitions between each clip!
  26. 26. Make sure each clip has a Transition
  27. 27. Find the Titles tab Titles Final Cut Pro X has over 50 default Title options New skill: Drag the Title ABOVE the clip in question
  28. 28. Add a Title to each clip What to type? The Title of the Effect used!
  29. 29. Change the Text Double click on the Title in the Viewer Select the TEXT option, type in your text What to type? Add the Title of the Effect used on the clip.
  30. 30. Hit the space bar or Use the Controls to watch your creation
  31. 31. To Export: Click the swoopy share icon This will pop up
  32. 32. Pick this Option It will make a nice little Quicktime Movie
  33. 33. Yours looks different?: Click on add Destination!
  34. 34. Quicktime Movie File Size Click here
  35. 35. Final Cut Pro X NOW, GO OUT AND CREATE!!
  36. 36. Favorite Plugins: Free Paid Paid Prograph Protimer Graduated Lens Filters Advanced Masking Tools
  37. 37. Charter Director - Minarets High School • Minarets Charter HS Apple Distinguished Educator Google Certified Teacher CUE Presenter 2009, 2010, 2011, 2013 Creator, CUEMACUL RoadTrip 2012 Madera Country Teacher of the Year (2010) Central Valley Computer Educator of the Year (2010) “Best of CUE” Presenter Creator of “Rock Star Teacher Camps” Creator of “CUE” education strand at MacWorld 2010 Credentials: Jon Corippo Assistant Superintendent Mariposa County Office of Ed @jcorippo Apple Distinguished Educator