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Letter of Recommendation


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Letter of Recommendation from a teacher at a university preparatory high school in Redding, CA (a rural community).

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Letter of Recommendation

  1. 1. UNIVERSITY Erin Stuart Superintendent/PrincipalPREPARATORY Kathy Malain Associate PrincipalSCHOOL Michele O’Leary Assistant Principal School Board: David Yorton, President, Lewis Chamberlain, Vice President, Sue Brix, Karen Hatter, Cathy Wyatt, membersDecember 1, 2011To Whom It May Concern:Starting in August of this year, Leah Goold-Haws has been piloting her entrepreneur curriculum withmy juniors during their 25 minute advisory class which meets twice a week. When Leah approachedme with the idea, I was excited. I have been teaching for thirty-five years and am always looking forwhat is best for students, and this curriculum definitely sounded like it fit the bill. Leah is veryknowledgeable, organized, and energetic and knows how to connect with high school students.The course is designed to introduce students to entrepreneurial ventures. The course demonstratesbasic start up business knowledge along with an online sales model as a means for generatinginternational business.The steps in learning about how to become an entrepreneur are engaging and age level appropriate.The curriculum builds on basic life skills outside of business as the students are encouraged to discussrisk taking, move outside their comfort zone and think on their feet. In addition, we have beenfortunate enough to have numerous guest speakers that have shared their own entrepreneurial stories –both online and in person.As this is the pilot program – we are also very excited to be the first class to connect with the highschool students in Casablanca, Morocco. We anticipate interaction with these students as a means oflearning about foreign commerce as early as February of 2012.Leah has explained that once the pilot program has been finalized, a website for staff and students todownload information as well as an interactive board game based on the class will be available in bothEnglish and French by the fall of 2012. The curriculum is being developed to fit an elective or after-school club in the future.My students feel extremely lucky that they are the ones who get to experience Leahs program. Theyare always talking about “their business ventures” and what they are learning. Leah has developed acurriculum that is cutting edge and relevant for high school students today.Sincerely,Sally Lewis vonDachenhausenSally Lewis vonDachenhausenEnglish Department Chair/Leadership Team 2200 Eureka Way Redding CA 96001 • 530.245.2790 •