Global Trade & Logistics


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Presentation on Global Trade & Logistics from California Community Colleges Deputy Sector Navigator Leah Goold-Haws. Specific information based on the Doing What Matters initiative.

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Global Trade & Logistics

  1. 1. A Bridge Building Approach Between College & Community, Industry Needs & Student Skills
  2. 2. 95% of the world’s consumers live outside of the United States Emerging markets will create over 1 Billion new consumers within the next 10 years Exporting accounts for over 11 Million U.S. jobs
  3. 3. California’s Far North region exports over $300 Million/year California exports over $250 Billion per year
  4. 4. In 2010, President Obama signed an executive order instructing the federal government to provide resources and assistance to double U.S. exports over the ensuing 5 years. Exports now include products and services as well as components sourced for re-export. Now, more than ever, jobs and opportunities are being created within global trade and logistics. Jobs exist within the supply chain from manufacturing and shipping to marketing and management. There are many ways to be involved in this exciting field, whether you own an existing business, are an entrepreneur looking to expand into new markets or a student looking towards jobs of the future!
  5. 5. 60% of small companies engaged in global trade derive 20% of their income from exports. Only approximately 26% of U.S. companies are actively involved in global commerce. Of those U.S. companies that do export, 60% of micro-enterprise (fewer than 20 employees) sold to only one other country outside of their domestic market
  6. 6. Over 75,000 California companies that were involved in export had fewer than 500 employees, and many businesses involved in exporting had less than 20 employees.
  7. 7. Jobs Chart Operations Specialist Maintenance, Installation & Repair workers Shipping & Receiving Clerks Traffic Clerk Inspectors, Testers, Samplers, Sorters, Weighers Production, Planning & Expediting Clerks First-line Supervisors of Staff Labor First-line Supervisors of Transportation Truck, Bus, Diesel Engine Specialists & Mechanics Logisticians Cargo & Freight Agents Transportation, Storage & Distribution Managers Railway, Air Cargo and Water Cargo Transportation Management In California, employers posted approximately 50,000 jobs for supply chain occupations throughout the year 2012. Additionally, jobs in international trade finance, management, marketing and other areas are in demand and growing.
  8. 8. The California Community College’s Chancellor’s Office is increasing opportunities for students to learn more about the global trade & logistics sector. Contact your local college to learn more about this exciting industry.
  9. 9. Interested in Free Trade Zone Agreements with the United States and how to use them to your advantage? Do you need consultation to help your business access government assistance in exporting? Want to find out about trade missions and trade delegations that can help you to grow your business? Interested in global business courses at your local college or online? Find Out More! Contact Leah Goold-Haws for more information: at 530.410.1182 at 530.242.7630