Presentación sant jordi


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El vostre treball de la festa de St. Jordi... a mi m'ha agradat!!

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Presentación sant jordi

  1. 1. Saint George
  2. 2. INTRODUCTIONThe name George comes from the Greek meaning"farmer working in the earth." Despite the popularity ofSt George is very little information known about him,and almost all their news are based on legends andtraditions that have passed from mouth to mouththroughout the centuries. All historians and writers ofholy books, generally agree that was a Romansoldier, born in the third century in Cappadocia,Turkey, and died in the early fourth century, probablyin the town of Lydda, Lod Israel today.
  3. 3. LegendThe most popular legend in Catalonia about SaintGeorge tells that at Montblanc, in Conca deBarberà, there was a terrible dragon whichviciously attacked men and beasts. To pacify it,lots were drawn and a person was chosen to begiven as a sacrifice to the monster. One day, themisfortune fell on the kings daughter, who wouldhave died in the beasts claws if it had not been forthe arrival of a handsome knight who challengedthe dragon and killed it.This same legend, although with slight variations,is told as a popular legend in England, Portugal
  4. 4. Poem GLORIOUS SAINT GEORGESANT JORDI GLORIÓS St. George has a pink halfSant Jordi té una rosa mig upsurge, painted red and anxiety;desclosa, Catalonia is the name of thispintada de vermell i de neguit; rose,Catalunya és el nom daquesta Saint George and the door onrosa, the chest.i Sant Jordi la porta sobre el pit. The rose has told you and justLa rosa li ha contat gràcies i penes and he loves it so who knowsi ell se lestima fins qui sap a on, where,i amb ella té més sang a dins les and it has more blood in yourvenes veinsper plantar cara a tots els dracs del to deal with all the dragons of the world.món.
  5. 5. Popular tradicionIn Catalonia, we make thecelebration of “Sant Jordi” thepopular tradition says: the girl givesa book to the boy, and the boy givesa rose to the girl, it’s a symbol oflove or friendship. Sant Jordi it’s theCatalan Lover’s Day.
  6. 6. Saint George now Now in the current affairs Saint George is celebrate the girls give a book for boys and the boys give a rose for girls. The rose it can be of different colours but the typical it’s the colour red.