Business Astrology: Were You Aware You Have A Relationship With Your Money?


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Business Astrology: Were You Aware You Have A Relationship With Your Money?

  1. 1. The Jupiter Midas Effect (JME) is a not witnessed before bu model that impacts the way that we make money and run ouJME will be in effect until June 2012, having affect for the foll and represents an extremist metamorphosis in the way b
  2. 2. No longer business as normal, all purposepreneurs can benef and partnering with this new energy.
  3. 3. In this interview excerpt, The Money Relationship Coach, Hel Midas Effect 2 host Lissa Boles discuss relations, money and do with business.
  4. 4. Lissa Boles: I'm of the opinion that you were on Hay H while talking about conscious wealth and you have done a work with a variety of folks, both in groups and direct pers When you interact with people, how many of them rea they've got a relationship with money and that it&#3colored by the basis of their relationship with themselves, yo , do they even know?
  5. 5. Helen Kim: No, its fascinating. That's a really great ques always like, "What?" "No, you didn't know?" But th started. I assumed I did not truly know and I thought this investigated further because my sort of financial awakening down my income history and just saw that I have been mamount money for 10 years even though I had moved on vis roles.
  6. 6. So I knew there was something deeper at work. I just didn&no idea how to figure it out, so I was lucky to find someone w are called financial counselors, that's how I've b finance recovery counselor. Therefore its quite deep work. think that cash, taking a look at your relationship to cash perhaps after the 1st one or two sentences in a conversat relationship to cash, the word "money" drops BTW
  7. 7. Lissa Boles: Right. Right. When you've worked with conversation with people who approached you thru the rapercentage of them essentially were coming from a place of like their money situation, you know just groove on their rmoney? Now, I kind of think I know the answer to this but Id it because —
  8. 8. Helen Kim: Yep.
  9. 9. Lissa Boles: I'm betting there wasn't a good de
  10. 10. Helen Kim: Not a lot. That is accurate.
  11. 11. Lissa Boles: What was the prevailing sense of fo
  12. 12. Helen Kim: Deficiency and the roots of scarcity is fear, but my the right way for us to build our self confiden
  13. 13. Lissa Boles: What do you mean by that?
  14. 14. Helen Kim: Therefore thats where the gold is, right? I mean were referring earlier, I thought "Oh my gosh! I should tell L what you were describing earlier as a monetary shadows."shadows. Carl Jung Shade Work on you know very well. So th place we want to go. Thats where the work is. All the parts we dont want to admit, we dont want to show, we fear folk us. You know all of that stuff that we push under the rug. Tha — you know that will manifest in what we know as keepin Joneses, right?
  15. 15. That full idea of looking right, left. What have they got, whaneed that, I need that so I'm able to prove that I'm it truly stems from not feeling like you are not enough. An question of what is enough really is the nub of that
  16. 16. Lissa Boles: Oh, are you able to see me being very , very ecst announced that. Because I just set down the word "prove"enough because within this effect — and I heard Andrea Lee of the blue at the last Loaded Thought Leader conferenc concentrate on wealthy thought leadership, the very last thin is what's enough but she asked that query because w bubble up in the consciousness of all of us and that is whats effect speaks of, is this beginning on all our parts to recogniwealth has been tinged by, colored by, influenced by, and a liI use the word toxic intentionally — by shade and the need to
  17. 17. To have or seem to have what we think will cause us to appvaluable. Can we talk about that? Because when we'reJupiter Midas Effect, one of the things that Venus, who is wo effect and Jupiter, because that's the god of growth What sort of growth you actually up to, people? And the know the answer to that question is by also asking wh
  18. 18. http://jcooper49806030.dreamhomebusinessopport