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SEO, Site Speed, and Battlestar Galactica


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A look at how SEOs can begin thinking about the huge impact that site performance has on the user experience as well as simple tips and best practices to help SEOs get started with site speed optimization. All told through the lens of TV's "Battlestar Galactica," which has many parallels to the work that SEOs do.

Also included is a look at how front-end site performance engineering lead to record SEO results for as well as how SEOs can develop a business case for their organizations to invest in site performance optimization.

Originally presented at SearchFest 2012 by SEMpdx in Portland, Oregon on February 24, 2012.

Please note that the "Battlestar Galactica" logo, brandmarks, imagery, characters, concepts, derivatives all copyright © SyFy, a division of NBCUniversal. Learn more at

Please don't sue me, SyFy! I'm a huge fan and you wouldn't believe how many new people I've introduced to BSG and your network by giving this presentation and sharing it online! :)

You can learn more about Jonathon Colman at

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  • CSS sprites are great, but managing them is really big PITA. If dimension of some sprite change You have to change whole css file because of that. Not to mention that You have to create CSS sprite again and sprites should be in the same order as before.

    I think it's time to move to inline data images:

    Actually creating them is quite easy as long as server side application creates img tags using method/function. You just modify one function to output images in data format and voila!

    Acording to almost 94% users are able to view data uris.Other 6% can view unoptimized version of the page (well, You can also optimize for these 6%, but keep in mind that You'll have to deal with IE6 ;).
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  • Many thanks, all - so glad that you find this entertaining, useful, and actionable. Let me know how your site performance optimization work goes! And if you can ever make it to #SearchFest in Portland, go - what an amazing show with a passionate community!
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  • Perfact slide.
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  • Absolutely love the BSG theme you've got going on! Amazing work!!
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  • Any presentation starting with Battlestar Galactica will hold my attention for a full hour, but you sir... you kept the theme going throughout! What can I say :)
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SEO, Site Speed, and Battlestar Galactica

  1. Battlestar Galactica logo, brandmarks, imagery, characters, concepts, derivatives all © SyFy, a division of NBCUniversal. Learn more at Background image found via
  2. SEMpdx SearchFest 2012 – Advanced On-Site SEOSEO, Site Performance,BATTLESTAR GALACTICA Jonathon Colman Twitter @jcolman In-House SEO for REI www.REI.comBackground image found via
  3. SEMpdx SearchFest 2012 – Advanced On-Site SEODownload: Jonathon Colman Twitter @jcolman In-House SEO for REI www.REI.comBackground image found via
  4. SEMpdx SearchFest 2012 – Advanced On-Site SEODownload: Jonathon Colman Twitter @jcolman In-House SEO for REI www.REI.comBackground image found via
  5. Background image found via
  6. SEO and Sandworms: Marketing on ArrakisBackground image found via
  7. Where are my keywords? Life on the Island of (not provided)Background image found via
  8. The Walking Dead:After the PandApocalypse Background image found via
  9. Background image found via
  10. BSG and SEO are a lot alike…Background image found via
  11. Both focus on the activity of search… Background image found via
  12. Both involve fighting with robots…Background image found via
  13. Both have duplicate content…Background image found via
  14. No, really – a LOT of duplicate content… Background image found via
  15. It takes a genius to figure either one out! Background image found via
  16. OMG, it’s Ron Moore! Some guy.The creator of BSG lives in Portland(ia)! Background image found via
  17. Psssst… that’s YOU! Both center on a hero…Background image found via
  18. Aided by technologists and engineers… Background images found via and
  19. Who are held accountable by Leadership Background image found via
  20. “SOMETIMES YOU GOTTA ROLL A HARD SIX.” Making the case for siteperformance optimizations
  21. Google uses speed as an organic search ranking factor for the top 1% of competitive queries.Sources: Google, Matt Cutts [via Search Engine Land]
  22. Good luck telling that to Admiral Cain… Speed isn’t a tactic for SEO… it’s a strategy for customers.Background image found via
  23. Customers expect your web site to load in 2 seconds or less.Source: Forrester/Akamai [via GetElastic]
  24. 40% of customers will abandon any site that takes longer than 3 seconds to load.Source: Forrester/Akamai [via GetElastic]
  25. The average Fortune 500 company web site takes 7 seconds to load.Source: Andrew Davies, Web Performance: A Whistlestop Tour…
  26. For every 1 second of load time, conversion drops by 7%.Source: Strangeloop
  27. For every 1 second of load time, user satisfaction drops by 16%.Source: Strangeloop
  28. 33% of users surveyed expect amobile site to load just as fast as or even faster than a desktop site.Source: KISSmetrics
  29. A faster site reduces the costs of infrastructure and releases by 50% or more.Source: Shopzilla [via O’Reilly]
  30. 80% of load time is dependent on front-end issues. Note: this can be up to 97% for mobile.Sources: Andrew Davies, Web Performance: A Whistlestop Tour… and Steve Souders, the Performance Golden Rule
  31. “When [web sites] are fast, you feel good. What that comes down tois that you feel in control.”“That feeling… translates to THIS IS NOT REALLY MATT happiness.” Matt Mullenweg Co-founder of Wordpress Source: Improving Performance in Mature Web Apps Image found via
  32. Site speed helps you during times of crisis Background image found via
  33. It helps you conduct tests with less cost Background image found via
  34. It helps you make decisions using data Background image found via
  35. And deliver content quickly to customers Background image found via
  36. “ACTION STATIONS! SPIN UP THE FTL DRIVES!”Optimizing for site performance
  37. Study and learn from the bestSources: Yahoo, Google, Steve Souders
  38. Free tools can help you get started nowSources: Yahoo! YSlow, Firebug, Google Page Speed, Google Analytics, WebPageTest and Pingdom
  39. The Basics: 10 quick wins for site speed Background image found via
  40. 1. Use gzip HTTP compressionCLIENT REQUEST: SERVER RESPONSE:Accept-Encoding: Content-Encoding:gzip, deflate gzipRATIONALE:Decreases page load time bycompressing the request, minimizingthe amount of data transferred.Source: image found via
  41. 2. Set a far-future Expires header EXAMPLE HEADER: Expires: Tue, 16 May 2023 22:00:00 GMT RATIONALE: Helps with re-loads of static page objects and components by caching them. Use across all content types. Source: Background image found via
  42. 3. Use the asynchronous GA codeON-PAGE CODE EXAMPLE:<script type="text/javascript"> var _gaq = _gaq || []; _gaq.push([_setAccount, UA-XXXXX-X]); _gaq.push([_trackPageview]); (function() { var ga = document.createElement(script); ga.type = text/javascript; ga.async = true; ga.src = (https: == document.location.protocol ? https://ssl : http://www) +; var s = document.getElementsByTagName(script)[0]; s.parentNode.insertBefore(ga, s); })();</script>RATIONALE:This has been available since December2009. Use it! It can go just before theclosing </head> element.Source: image found via
  43. 4. Don’t dupe JS, remove unused CSS ON-PAGE CODE EXAMPLE: <script type="text/javascript" src="dualla.js"></script> … <script type="text/javascript" src="dualla.js"></script> RATIONALE: Creates unnecessary HTTP requests and wasteful JS execution. As team size/code complexity increases, so do duplicates and unused code! Refactor or remove code you’re not actively using. Source: and Background image found via
  44. 5. <link> your CSS, avoid @importON-PAGE CODE EXAMPLE:<link rel="stylesheet" href="galactica.css"><link rel="stylesheet" href="pegasus.css">RATIONALE:Allows for parallel downloading andavoids additional delays.Source: image found via
  45. 6. Specify a character set ON-PAGE CODE EXAMPLE: <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=UTF-8"> RATIONALE: Helps the browser begin parsing HTML and executing scripts immediately. If used in HTTP header, both must match. Source: Background image found via
  46. 7. Use a small, cached favicon.ico ON-PAGE CODE EXAMPLE: <link rel="icon" type="image/png" href=“cylon-icon.png" /> RATIONALE: Even if you don’t use favico, the browser still requests it! Keep the file size under 1k and avoid the needless 404 error. Source: Background image found via
  47. 8. Avoid empty <img>sHTML: JAVASCRIPT:<img src=""> var img = new Image(); img.src = "";RATIONALE:Forces another HTTP request, whichslows down your page load. May be fixedin HTML5, depending on browser(s).Source: image found via
  48. 9. Compress images, use dimensions ON-PAGE CODE EXAMPLE: <img src=“dradis.jpg" width=“360" height="120" /> RATIONALE: Formatting images and specifying width/height reduce page load time by minimizing data sent from the server to the browser and speeding up rendering time. Remember that PNG is almost always better than GIF! Source:
  49. 10. Avoid redirects WTF?! RATIONALE: Cuts down on wait time for users by avoiding an entire request-response cycle and the latency that goes with it. Source: Background image found via
  50. Intermediate level: CSS sprites for images Background image found via
  51. CSS sprites reduce HTTP requestsCSS PROPERTIES USED:background-image: url(img/DRADIS-icons.png);background-position: 0 0;RATIONALE:Reducing total HTTP requests greatly improves siteperformance. Combining common images into“sprites” reduces requests, latency, overhead, andtotal page file size.Source:
  52. Best practices for CSS spritesCombine images into sprites when: Images load together Images have similar color palettes Images are PNGs and/or GIFs Images are both small and cacheableDo not use for large JPGs/photos. Source:
  53. Here’s a site-wide sprite on Implementing these CSS sprites saved us nearly a whole second of avg. page load time. Source:
  54. Here’s a complex Google exampleSource:
  55. This sprite is a 60-frame animation! Source:
  56. “WE’VE JUMPED WAY BEYOND THE RED LINE.” Advanced examples of performance optimization
  57. StackExchange moves to a CDN, crowd-sources performance testsSource: Jeff Atwood’s Coding Horror blog
  58. uses BitTorrent to replicateits search index across serversSource: Etsy Code As Craft blog
  59. “THE UPGRADES WILL TRIPLE THE FLEET’S JUMP CAPACITY.” SEO results from REI’s site performance optimizations
  60. A-50% decrease in the time it tookfor Google to crawl an average page.
  61. A+100% increase in the amount oftotal pages Google crawled per day.
  62. We saved customers -1.5 seconds perpage view. Multiplied by all page views…
  63. We saved customers 22 years of time. Background image found via
  64. Time they’ll spend outside vs. online Background image found via
  65. “LIGHTEN UP – IT’S ONLY THE END OF THE WORLD.” In conclusion…
  66. The Final FiveBackground image found via
  67. The Final Five Takeaways  The site performance business case isn’t just about SEO – it’s about customer UX  Plan a budget/time for performance work  Start with quick wins, “shrink the change”  Set speed targets for all new features  Measure, celebrate, and repeat “All of this has happened before… and all of this will happen again.”Background image found via
  68. Thank you – so say we all! Jonathon Colman In-House SEO for REI Home: Twitter: @jcolman E-mail: