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Fundraising on Facebook: A Case-Study on Cause-Related Marketing


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A case study of cause-related marketing (CRM) as a method of fundraising and building general support and awareness for nonprofits marketing themselves on Facebook.

The Nature Conservancy is working with the developers of the (Lil) Green Patch application to donate a share of their advertising revenue to support the Conservancy's Adopt an Acre program, protecting rainforests in Costa Rica. Donations to the Conservancy are made via the Causes application on Facebook, an innovative method that builds trust and accountability for users of the (Lil) Green Patch application, who never have to leave Facebook to see that their use of the application clearly makes a difference.

Due to (Lil) Green Patch's support, The Nature Conservancy's Facebook Cause has raised over $36,000 to data while attracting over 20,000 total members.

This presentation will be given as part of the "Web 2.0 and Social Networks - Are We There Yet?" panel session at the AFP/DMAW "Bridge to Integrated Marketing & Fundraising" conference in Washington, DC on July 24, 2008. Learn more about the 2008 Bridge conference at

The panel will be moderated by Eric Rardin of and will also include Marie Michelson of Greenpeace as well as Sarosh Syed of Save Darfur Coalition.

You can learn more about Jonathon Colman at

Fundraising on Facebook: A Case-Study on Cause-Related Marketing

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