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Assignment 3 jacqui collins

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Assignment 3 jacqui collins

  1. 1. Title SubTitleN ame
  2. 2. Brand Name: Chocolate LemonWe will convey our unique brand through our company name because our company name itself isunique.The name is based on two of the company’s more recognizable and charismatic figures; Phire (anAfrican-American) is the “Chocolate” and Justin Wong (an Asian-American) is the “Lemon”.The primary strength of this name is that it is unique. One concern with this name is that it doesnot convey the product that the brand provides. A second concern with the name is that its originmay be considered off-color when presented to a larger market.Yes, the name is protectable as outlined on on the categories in the legal article Pursuing Strong Brand, Chocolate Lemon falls underthe Arbitrary category of trademarks.
  3. 3. Logo:This logo supports the Law of Shape because it is horizontal, and the text is legible. The Law ofColor is supported by this logo because it features the primary colors red and yellow.I believe that this is an effective logo because it is unique, legible, and has a standard horizontalstyle that is easily processed by the eye.I believe that an abstract/symbolic logo is best for this company because the brand name itself isabstract.This logo reflects Chocolate Lemon because the bowl is filled with both chocolate and lemon, andfeatures the two elements juxtaposed in a way that has not been seen before.
  4. 4. Industry Logos is the logo of our main competitor, Kotaku. This logo isa horizontal, lettermark-style logo. Like the Chocolate Lemon logo, it does not give much of anindication of the service provided by the brand. The logo features a unique, but legible font. Itdoes not stick to primary colors, but does offer a unique color combination and uses colors andfonts not specifically associated with particular gaming brands or hardware (such as the distinctive“XBOX green”).The CineMassacre logo is a legible and horizontal logo whose image represents both the uniquename of the site as well as incorporating a video camera image which hints at the content of theservice provided.
  5. 5. Corporate CultureChocolate Lemon’s primary company objective is to address and mend the loss of the communityaspect of gaming that followed the death of the arcades.Chocolate Lemon’s company values are based on the belief that the social or community aspect ofgaming provides the most fertile soil for the growth of individual “gamers”, the gaming industry,and the general public’s perception of that industry.Chocolate Lemon will carry out these objectives my making all of the website’s staff accessible tolocal gamers in the New York area. We understand that bonds of common interest can lead tobeneficial and positive friendships. Chocolate Lemon will host gaming tournaments and parties,as well as promote events that have been organized by other groups, which may be of interest togamers.One specific example of how we intent to meet our objectives is by covering industry/fan eventssuch as PAX East and Comic-Con. Reporting from events such as these will not only bring gamingnew to the reader, but also encourage the reader to attend such events and have the opportunity tomeet an even larger scope of like-minded people.
  6. 6. Tagline: The best website you’ve never heard of.This is an effective tagline because it starts with a subjective claim but ends with an objective one.Chocolate Lemon is very small and very new, the “you’ve never heard of” section of the taglineacknowledges this fact, which encourages the reader to believe that the whole of the tagline is fact.This tagline speaks to Chocolate Lemon’s potential clients because gamers are commonly well-versed internet users, who are also well aware of the fact that the internet is flooded with gaming-related websites. These users are looking fora new internet home, a site that offers an alternateexperience to the cut-and-dry news a review websites.This tagline falls into the Superlative category.The tagline distinguishes Chocolate Lemon from competitors like Kotaku and IGN, because itacknowledges that size isn’t everything.This tagline is short and easy to say.