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Story lab presentation 3


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Lab is our attempt at helping others author the story they want to live. How do we create a vocation that is less about what we do and more about who we are?

This series will be lead by Ken Janke. Ken is Executive Director of Groundworks and co-founder of The Grove. Ken’s passion is to steward the dreams of emerging leaders, pioneers, and creatives, and enjoys seeing those dreams realized through their collaborative efforts. He believes that life is enhanced through quality relationships, and obsesses over seeing transformational ideas realized. Ken says, “I wish people would risk their hopes on living a good story- by that I mean finding a team of people doing hard work for a noble cause and join them.”

This Four week workshop will be fun, interactive, and informative. Lunch is provided and we will keep the time to one hour so you can join us on your lunch break. I recommend that you bring a friend and introduce them to The Grove. Join us from 12 to 1pm Fridays.

For more info email Ken @

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Story lab presentation 3

  1. 1. STORY LAB Authoring your story as mission
  2. 2. •Its your story and only you can live it. •Living your contribution is the greatest gift you can give others. •Commitment - Contribution - Community Elements of a good story
  3. 3. A story is a character that wants something and overcomes conflict to get it. So what is a story?
  4. 4. Inner Conflicts – Your own mind body or emotions  Personal Conflict – Relationships that are deeper than mere social roles. Social Conflicts – Conflict with social institutions or individuals Confronting your Conflict
  5. 5. Writing your story isn’t about making our peaceful fantasies come true, the point of a story is the character arc. The conflict is what changes us. Confronting Your Conflict
  6. 6. Creating a Story is determined by your character’s ambition. For your story to be epic, the character’s ambition must be sacrificial. Creating Your Story
  7. 7. Object of desire - the thing that if you give it to your character the story would stop: Your object of desire should be difficult to achieve, because it requires risk. Elements of a good story
  8. 8. Write your story: Value + cause = controlling idea. VALUES are universal qualities of human existence  Ex. Truth, freedom, justice... CAUSE is the way in which the value changes state The Controlling Idea for your story
  9. 9. 5 Questions for your Story My Stories object of desire is ? My over arching value for my controlling idea is ? The cause for my controlling idea is ? My controlling idea is ? How must my character transform if I am to live my story ?  
  10. 10. STORY LAB Authoring your story as mission