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Jp ch relations


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Jp ch relations

  1. 1. Japan-China Relationsaka Sino-Japanese Relations
  2. 2. Normalization of Sino-JapaneseRelations● 1955 Bandung Conference○ Chinese bloc requested for the improvement ofdiplomatic bonds● PM Ikeda (1960s)○ economic ties and Seikei Bunri Policy○ Sekei Bunri - separation of politics and economics○ resumption of bilateral trade●
  3. 3. Normalization of Sino-JapaneseRelations● PM Tanaka (72-75)○ Beijing, September 1972● full diplomatic relations○ three principles of normalization:● The PRC is the sole and legitimate government of China● Taiwan is a province of China● abandon diplomatic ties and 1952 peace treat with Taiwan○ September 1974● secured a talk regarding the Sino-Japanese peace treaty○ August 1978● signed the peace treaty
  4. 4. Hosokawa Administration● First non-LDP Prime Minister to visit China,March 1994.● Appeal for Chinese diplomatic assistance inrestraining North Korea’s suspected nuclearprogramme● Issued an apology for Japan’s ‘war ofaggression’ in China
  5. 5. Koizumi Administration● Textbook Controversy of 2001● annual visits to Yasukuni shrine● created massive riots in China
  6. 6. Sino-Japanese Economic Relations● November 1972- Japan-China EconomicAssociation was formed.○ worked to support increased private-level economicinteraction.● January 1974- Japanese governmentremoved all restrictions on Ex-Im Bankcredit financing, and Chinese and Japanesegovernments signed agreements on trade,reducing tariff barriers by one third.
  7. 7. Long Term Trade Agreement● Signed in 1978● key provision of the agreement was thesupply of Chinas energy resources inexchange for imports of advancedtechnological goods● addressed the growing problem of Chinastrade deficit with Japan by providingdeferred payment method for China
  8. 8. 1979 - 1999first Overseas Development Assistance (ODA)package for China in December 1979● geared primarily to the development ofChinas steel industry● Japan was the first country to providebilateral aid to the PRC● consists of low-interest yen loans (the vastmajority of ODA), as well as technicalcooperation and grant assistance
  9. 9. ● In 1991, Japans investments reachedUS$3.39 billion and Japan stood in fourthplace among Chinas investors● In August 1998, the Investment ProtectionPact was signed○ Provides Japanese firms with same status as theChinese firms in China
  10. 10. Sino-Japanese Security Relations● Sino- Japanese security dialogue wasinterrupted by…○ Japan’s concern that China should increase thetransparency of its military budget and capabilitiesand cease nuclear weapon testing○ 1989 Tiananmen square incident○ In January 2004, China refused a Japanese proposalfor exchange visits between the Japans MaritimeSelf Defense Force and the People’s LiberationArmy Navy●
  11. 11. Sino-Japanese Security Relations● Territorial Issues and Maritime Security○ Claiming of the Senkaku Islands/Diaoyu Islands■ Chinese adoption of its 1992 Law on TerritorialWaters that reasserted its claim the SenkakuIslands○ Japan’s detection of the incursions into its water ofa Chinese nuclear-powered submarine