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Japan's weird and wacky inventions


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Japan's weird and wacky inventions

  1. 1. Japans Weird andWacky Inventions!
  2. 2. Special cost-effective 360-degreepanoramic camera.
  3. 3. Useful 10-in-1 tool kit for gardening.
  4. 4. Ear enhancer.
  5. 5. Rain water collection device.
  6. 6. Shoe protectors for rain.
  7. 7. Tissue dispenser. (Hay Fever Hat)
  8. 8. Umbrella holder.
  9. 9. Solar powered cig lighter!
  10. 10. Protective mask for easier lipstickapplication.
  11. 11. Ear cleaning device with built-inminiature video camera. (Cool.)
  12. 12. Helmet to prevent head from tilting while sleeping on train.The message board shows the station name for people towake you up on time. (astig)
  13. 13. Floor cleaning mop.
  14. 14. Hair holder while eating noodles!
  15. 15. Cooling fan while eating noodles!
  16. 16. Subway chin rest.
  17. 17. Girlfriend lap pillows!
  18. 18. Anti-Rape/Mugging DressAya Tsukioka’s inventionsmay seem really ridiculous atfirst. However, if you were toconsider the heightenedemotions and adrenalineinvolved in an attemptedcrime together with inattentionblindness, this strategy is asound one. After all, most ofus have missed out thedancing gorilla the first timewe saw the video in aPsychology 101 class. Thus,the ability to suddenly blendinto the background, a laninja, would be the last thingon the criminal’s mind.
  19. 19. Washlets, The High TechToilet of JapanFunctions:A. Water jet to wash your butt.B. Music to hide allembarrassing noises.C. Temperature control foryour toilet seat.D. Hot air bottom dryers.E. Gliding lids (no moreleaving the seat up or down).F. Automated flushing.
  20. 20. Necomimi - Cat Ears That Respondto Your Feelings
  21. 21. Shippo, the Wagging Tail