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Japanese teenager

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Japanese teenager

  1. 1. J apanese t eenager
  2. 2. •The legal age for adulthood in Japan is 20. It is the legalage for drinking, smoking, betting at horse tracks, voting,signing contracts and getting married without parentalconsent. The driving age in Japan is 18.•Senior(sempai) - junior(kohai) relations are veryimportant. They manifest themselves between students ofdifferent grades in school.••Most Japanese teenagers receive a monthly allowanceof $300(¥26000) or more. Boys tend to spend their moneyon video games, girls spend their on the latest fashions.
  3. 3. •Japanese students lack self confidence andexpress high levels of dissatisfaction withthemselves.•Girls outperform boys in school and study ashard or harder but are often taught thatfinding a husband is more important thanchoosing a career.
  4. 4. •Japanese girls feel insecure if they dont dowhat other people are doing. What they areconcerned about most is what they look like.•Japanese teenagers, particularly girls, oftenspend the night in the streets or at karaokeshops stay with men who ask for a date.Because they find it boring to stay at home.Compensated Dating (euphemism for teenprostitution)
  5. 5. • Japanese teenagers said they spent only anaverage of one hour a week dating (comparedto five hours a week for American teens).•They usually go out with their friends, dokaraoke. Hang out in a nearby major cityKyoto. They don’t eat dinner at home, theyjust go out with friends instead. Teenagers forabout four times a week.
  6. 6. •Teenagers are the driving force of theJapanese telephone industry. They prefersending SMS which many claim are more funthan talking face to face.•The number of people aged 20 years old thisNew Years Day is estimated at 1.2 millioncompared to 2.4 million in 1970.