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Comics in japan (manga)

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Comics in japan (manga)

  1. 1. Comics (Manga)今日のレッスンはマンガです ^_^(Kyō no ressun wa manga desu ^_^)
  2. 2. Types of MangaDoujinshiThis type of mangatranslates as "fan-work"(literally "same-person-writing")Doujinshi is unofficialmanga that is made andproduced by fans of anoriginal series, or a self-published manga.
  3. 3. Types of MangaGekigaGekiga means "dramaticpictures".This type of manga ismore experimental orliterary.
  4. 4. Types of MangaHentaiThis manga issexually hardcoremanga. Hentai isJapanese for"perverted" or"perversion".(adult content)
  5. 5. Types of MangaJoseiJosei is mangaaimed at adultwomen. (adultcontent).It is derived fromthe English "LadyComic"
  6. 6. SeinenSeinen (literally "adult") is the exact samething as Josei except for males. (adultcontent)
  7. 7. Types of MangaShōujo (少女)Shōujo (literally "young girl"), Not Shōjo(処女), shojo means virgin、 is manga aimed atyoung females up to the age 18. These seriestend to focus on romance and relationshipsfrom a young females point of view.
  8. 8. Types of MangaShōnenThis is almost thesame as shojoexcept it is mostlyaction, sports orromance for malesup to age 18. Ittranslates literallyas "boy".
  9. 9. Types of MangaKodomoThis kind of manga isfor little children thatare just learning toread.Kodomo translatesliterally as "child".
  10. 10. Types of MangaShōujo-ai / YuriThis manga is based on female/femaleromantic relationships. Shōuo-ai translatesliterally as "Girl-love", though it should benoted that in Japan itself, this term has adifferent meaning, referring to pedophilia.Yuri translates literally as "Lily". In Japan, theterm GL (Girl Love) is sometimes used.
  11. 11. Types of MangaShōnen-ai / YaoiThis manga is the same as Shōjo-ai / Yuriexcept its boy/boy relationships. Shōnen-aitranslates as "Boy-love" (same disclaimer asfor shōjo-ai). Yaoi is an acronym of yamanashi, ochi nashi, imi nashi (no climax, nopunch-line, no meaning). BL (Boy Love) issometimes used in Japan for this type e.g MattFriend and Dan Vought.
  12. 12. Manga Awards- Akatsuka Award for humorous manga- Dengeki Comic Grand Prix for one-shot manga- Kodansha Manga Award (multiple genre awards)- Seiun Award for best science fiction comic of theyear- Shogakukan Manga Award (multiple genres)- Tezuka Award for best new serial manga- Tezuka Osamu Cultural Prize (multiple genres)The Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs hasawarded the International Manga Award annuallysince May 2007.
  13. 13. Top 10 Mangas (as of 2012)1. One Piece - Eichiro Oda2. Kurokos Basketball - Tadatoshi Fujimaki3. Naruto - Masashi Kishimoto4. Space Brothers - Chuya Koyama5. Fairy Tail - Hiro Mashima6. Kimi ni Todoke - Karuho Shiina7. Silver Spoon - Hiromu Arakawa8. Hunter X Hunter - Yoshihiro Togashi9. Magi - Shinobu Ohtaka10. Bakuman - Story: Tsugumi Ohba Art: Takeshi Obata
  14. 14. MV OF THE WEEK~ :D