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Automation Masterclass Slides


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Automate the tasks in your business that you hate, are repetitive and frankly there are no more than busywork and spend your time doing the part of your business you enjoy and produces the revenue. In this master class you will learn what are the six types of business you can easily automate to produce more revenue, saving you time and money. How to use automation to create a sales process that is effective and turn traffic into buyers. This is 100% free pack with useful information that you can implement right a way to make your sales process better

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Automation Masterclass Slides

  1. 1. Welcome Presented By: Juan Carlos M Masterclass How To Automate The Part of The Business You Hate Saving You Time and Money
  2. 2. Before We Start • Make Sure You Won’t Be Interrupted • Pay Attention for the Next 45 Minutes • I Will Give You a Lot of Value • You Don’t Have To Take Notes, Copies of All Slides Will Be Available at The End of the Webinar
  3. 3. Plus At The End Of The Webinar, Your Will Get an Automation Resource Guide With 12 Must Have Tools to Help You Get Things Done Faster and Cheaper in Your Business. Some of Them You Can Start Using Now For FREE!
  4. 4. About Me I Co-founded and operated 10 retail stores in 5 states in the US I was involved in the development, construction and sales of several multi- story properties I’m fully committed to assist you with the tools, training and products that would help you leverage your efforts to accomplish you goals Digital Marketing Consultant
  5. 5. In Today’s Master Class 1. Business Models You Can Easily Automate 2. Types of Products You Should Offer 3. The “Lead Capture” Process 4. Tools You Need To Leverage Your Efforts and Automate Your Processes 5. Having Everything In One Place, easy to manage and cheaper 6. Additional Sources of Revenue
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  9. 9. “If you don't drive your business, you will be driven out of business.” Read more at: B.C Forbes
  10. 10. Type of Business That You Can Easily Automate
  11. 11. Niche Products • Small But Well Defined Customer Base • Be The Big Fish in a Small Pond • Focus on an Specific Type of Product • Very Loyal Fans and Customer Base • “Paleo Diet” • “Lose Weight for Woman” • “All Things Barbecue”
  12. 12. E-Learning • Very Desirable Way To Learn and Get Trained • Accessible 24/7 from Anywhere • Low Cost to Produce E-Books and Courses • Low Overhead Expenses • High Margins • Growing Industry • Is a 107 Billion Dollar Plus Industry and Growing
  13. 13. Coaching • Consulting is in High Demands and Easy To Sell • Growing Industry • High Net Profits • Low Starting cost • Low Overheads Expenses • No Certification Required • Recurring Monthly Income • Get The Satisfaction of Helping People
  14. 14. Direct Sales • The Process of Selling Face-to-Face • Typically Done In Home-Shopping Parties and Presentations • Requires a “Staring Kit” • Low Entry Cost • Low Overhead Expenses • You’ll Get a Commission For Every Sale • The Average Commissions is Between 20% and 30%
  15. 15. Affiliate Sales • Promote a Link to Make Sales Online • Generate Traffic To The Link • Amazon Was One Of The First Companies Use Affiliates to Sell Products • No Sign-up Cost • ClickBank, Amazon • Great Way To Monetize Your Audience • Long Stablish and Proven Business Model • Typically, Commissions Range Between 15% and 20%
  16. 16. Network Marketing • Use Independent Representatives • Requires Individuals to Develop a Sales Force • You Are an Independent Business Owner • Similar to a Franchise Model • Over 18 Million People Are Involved • Many Kinds of Markets and Products To Choose • Low Upfront Cost to Get Started • Popular Option for People Who Want To Start a Business
  17. 17. Products & Profit Maximizers
  18. 18. Products Main Product Your bread and butter product The Down-Sale Scale down version, free trial, Liquidators The Up-sale A better version with additional features and benefits
  19. 19. Premium Product Top of The Line Product, VIP, Mastermind, Exclusivity Subscription Monthly, Quarterly or Yearly Subscribers pay a recurring fee for ongoing service Products
  20. 20. Your Goal Should Be To Get People To Subscribe
  21. 21. Where To Get Leads • Your Own Blog • Organic Search • Guess Blogging • Your Facebook Page • Facebook PPC • Google PPC • Social Media • Solo Ads • Videos • Webinars • Banner Ads • Google Search • Forums • Groups • Industry Events • Traditional Advertising
  22. 22. Facebook • The Visual Large image, appealing and eye catching • Relevance It’s actually selling that product • The Value Proposition Explains exactly what you should get it • Clear Call-To-Action Tells the reader exactly what you want them to do
  23. 23. The Lead Capture Page
  24. 24. 3-Bullet Points Headline Social Proof Call-To-Action Sales Video Eliminate The Risk Make Sure is Mobile Device Friendly
  25. 25. Traffic Opt-In Page Auto Responder Re-Targeting Product Webinar Course E-book Tool Guide VSL Down Sale Free Trial Up Sale Bonus Premium Build Trust VIP Exclusive Top of The Line
  26. 26. “The Money Is In The List”
  27. 27. Use every Opportunity You Have To Collect Subscribers
  28. 28. • Subscription Box in Your Home Page • Slider • Light Box • Exit Pop-out • Blog Post • Social Media Pages and Post • Lead Capture Pages • Offer Something of Value in Exchange
  29. 29. Use Tools To Automate
  30. 30. Website or Blog Hosting Social Media Lead Capture Email Manager CMS Contact Manager Webinar Video Hosting Shopping Cart YOU $ $ $ $ $ $$ $
  31. 31. Website or Blog Hosting Social Media Lead Capture Email ManagerCMS Contact Manager Webinar Video Hosting Shopping Cart YOU
  32. 32. Website or Blog Hosting Social Media Lead Capture Email ManagerCMS Contact Manager Webinar Video Hosting Shopping Cart YOU
  33. 33. Blog Hosting Email Manager Contact Manager Lead Capture Video Hosting Social Media Webinar Payment Training $ YOU
  34. 34. You Can Have It All In One Place
  35. 35. Here is What Some Users Have To Say
  36. 36. Plus…
  37. 37. Marketing Courses • Inner Circle • Top Producer Formula
  38. 38. Team Building Courses • Team Building Formula • Mass Influence
  39. 39. Coaching Courses • Max performance Master Course • Max Profit Accelerator • Next Level Mastermind
  40. 40. Everything Is Live and Ready To Go
  41. 41. Join The Affiliate Programs and Earn Between 50% to 80% In Commissions
  42. 42. In Summary 1. Business Models You Can Easily Automate 2. Product Category You Should Offer 3. The “Lead Capture” Process 4. Leverage Your Efforts With Automation And Shortcuts 5. Have Everything in One Place is Easier to Manage and Save You Money 6. Training And Additional Sources of Revenue
  43. 43. Thank You For Attending