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Everything I learned about a diverse workforce in tech, I learned…in the government??


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Lightning talk presented at TechInclusion, San Francisco CA, October 2017

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Everything I learned about a diverse workforce in tech, I learned…in the government??

  1. 1. Everything I Learned About a Diverse Workforce in Tech, I the Government??!? Julie Meloni // US Digital Service // October 2017
  2. 2. Julie’s Career in a Nutshell Spent 20 years building web applications with my friends in Silicon Valley, happily chugging along in a 4-person queer women-owned & operated multimedia company. Poked my nose out...looked around… “Thanks for building our engineering team but you can’t be in charge of it because you’re a woman.”
  3. 3. F that Noise
  4. 4. Then I Found the US Digital Service Find the Truth, Tell the Truth? Create Momentum? Design with Users, Not For Them? Sounds Pretty Good.
  5. 5. But...the Government? ● The Senior Executive Service is 44% women, and pay is equal for everyone. ● Agencies have CIOs, CTOs, and other executive leaders who are broadly diverse; we work with them every day. ● No one has told us that we can’t do a thing because the person leading the team is a woman, or a person of color, or queer, or any or all of the above. ○ Yes, still.
  6. 6. Our Work Benefits Everyone
  7. 7. We Can Help Each Other ● Join groups like USDS (or 18F or Code for America) to bring modern technology and development practices into behemoth federal agencies. ● Go back into the private sector with a lesson or two from the public sector about inclusivity. ○ It’s all about the work.
  8. 8.