Drama Workshop in IES J.C.Baroja


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Visual description of the English drama class through the school year.

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Drama Workshop in IES J.C.Baroja

  1. 1. Project of Trilingualism:Drama Workshop by J. Carlos Martínez
  2. 2. The Classroom & the Students
  3. 3. The Teachers
  4. 4. Checking Old & New Books Visiting God’s Dominions: THE NET Plays for students Free play scripts for school http://www.freedrama.net/ The scripts from plays, organized by historical period http://www.10-minute-plays.com/playwrights/walter_wykes.html Play Scripts - complete text of short plays http://www.islandnet.com/my/playscripts/playlist.html Plays for Middle School students- Rediscovering Bookshops http://www.theaterwords.com/ Synopses of Available Plays http://www.childdrama.com/Myplays.html Free Plays for Middle School-aged Kids (activities) http://homeschooling.gomilpitas.com/explore/drama.htm A new collection of short middle school plays http://www.freeplays.org/ Plays for Kids http://www.kidsinco.com/complete-list-of-playscripts/ Classroom Lesson Plans http://www.dramanotebook.com/ hundreds of pages of ideas http://www.drama.ie/lesson_links.html drama lessons paying http://www.childdrama.com/mainframe.html http://webtech.kennesaw.edu/jcheek4/drama.htm
  5. 5. Warming-up activities• Create a different atmosphere• Teach students how to work in pairs, in groups, as a team…• Revising courses and surfing the net http://plays.about.com/ http://wilderdom.com/games/Icebreakers.html http://www.nelliemuller.com/icebreaking.activities.and.group.dynmamics.htm
  6. 6. Discovering students’ attitudes, interests,The Puppets likes & preferences. Ms Sympathy Ms Complaints Showing fears or satisfaction at school.
  7. 7. Interviews & Summer stories
  8. 8. - Following the contents of the classes. - Writing dialogues as a word game.Dialogues - Improvising dialogues according to the situations offered.
  9. 9. Games: Imagination Games Contact Games Crazy games GroupRythm Games Games
  10. 10. Miming gamesMusicalgames Body language games Improvisation games
  11. 11. The videos: you tube Elements of Drama in a Play http://www.ehow.com/video_4989320_structuring-story-aristotles-elements-drama.html American Academy of Dramatic Arts http://www.aada.org/video/what_students_say.html Why to be an actor http://www.aada.org/video/video.html Presentation: First Day impressions http://www.nyfa.edu/summer_camp/?gclid=CP7u2sL49qgCFZZE3g Commercial Motivation about filming http://www.youtube.com/newyorkfilmacademyhttp://www.videojug.com/http://www.childdrama.com/warmups.html Puppets-Video http://www.videojug.com/interview/theatre-li
  12. 12. DRAMA By: IbonMartinez DiagoThe Diary:From paper to digital diary
  13. 13. Language Assistant - Special talks about USA - Word Games- Special classes
  14. 14. Sketches & PlaysDrama plays for 12-year-old kids.- Where to find them- What to do with them- How to work with them.
  15. 15. First Rehearsals:From reading a text to acting out- Sitting down reading- Pronuntiation & intonation- Stage reading
  16. 16. Songs Music always helps.It relaxes classes. They enjoy a lot. It’s a funny and entertaining learning.
  17. 17. Starting the musical
  18. 18. …and dancing From easy choreographies… Rythm & tendenciesFace & body language …to upper course students’ help
  19. 19. Sword Thrust: The performance
  20. 20. Performances
  21. 21. Funnymoments
  22. 22. Radio Programme
  23. 23. Continuous pair, group, team work…
  24. 24. Our Last Song Yes, We can •Do you think that men are crazy? Would you like to change the world? Can you join us, hand in hand? Can you tell me? Just say three words: CHORUS: Yes I can. Yes, we can. Staring at me in a friendly way,Pu Winking her eyes, moving her mane, t yo Smiling at me “Yes, we can”, she said. ur •Would you like to go to places? clo thes Would you love to change the world, Put your clothes upside down? up Can you “get it”? Just say three words: sid ed CHORUS: Yes, I can… ow • A man called Mr. Obama n!! Our conversation heard ! He took notice of the slogan, He´s now President of the USA In his meetings and Speeches All his promises just end With “Yes, we can (2-3) And he came first.. CHORUS: “YES WE CAN…”
  25. 25. Radio J.C. Baroja Today in our special programme with famous people Aritz will present Natxo I.E.S. Julio Caro Baroja I.E.S Julio Caro Baroja presentsFunny School Times presents FUNNY SCHOOL TIMES
  26. 26. Is it easy to become an English Drama Teacher?Not all days are a sunflower field. Sometimes we have to jump very high walls… …or even dress up in fancy dresses not to be discovered.