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Comenius Corner at Julio Caro Baroja School (Getxo)


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Description of the first weeks of the Comenius students at Julio Caro Baroja High School (Getxo-Bizkaia) preparing the 2013-2014 Comenius Projects

Published in: Education, Spiritual
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Comenius Corner at Julio Caro Baroja School (Getxo)

  1. 1. Comenius Corner at the School Hall
  2. 2. The Big Team Discussing about the most important Festivals… … and Celebrations
  3. 3. Preparing the questions.
  4. 4. Informing about their brainstorming Organizing ideas
  5. 5. Having a light lunch on Wednesdays before the meeting
  6. 6. Preparing the Comenius Corner
  7. 7. Projecting our school presentation …through a video project
  8. 8. Looking forward to new experiences
  9. 9. Presenting Comenius Corner at the Hall
  10. 10. Comenius, a Communication Project for Young Europeans. Promoting Young European Ideas