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Rutherford High School 2011 Reunion Cruise 1


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Rutherford High School 2011 Reunion Cruise 1

  1. 1. Rutherford High SchoolClass of 19912011 Reunion Cruise<br />Dear Class of 1991,<br />I have taken the time to provide you with rates from Carnival Cruise Line. These rates are for the months of Feb, Mar, Apr, May, & Jun. We all need to decide which will be convenient based on kids in school, some of our soldiers being deployed, affordability, & time off. Communication between each classmate would make this decision easier. Each rate is based on interior room or Ocean View, price is per person. Any of your family members are welcome to go. I checked each port in Florida. Miami, Tampa, & Orlando. The deposit is $150.00 and you can make payments towards the cruise the cruise need to be paid in full 60 days before we leave. Passports can be done at your Local post office or Passport. Us on the internet.<br />
  2. 2. Miami PortImagination4day cruiseMon-Fri<br />Keywes<br />Cozumel<br />February and March<br />Feb 7th<br />I-$286.00 <br />o-$316.00<br />Feb 28th<br />I-$316.61<br />o-$346.41<br />Mar 14th<br />I-$356.67<br />o-$431.67<br />Mar 21st<br />I-$356.67<br />o-$386.67<br />Mar 28th<br />I-$356.61<br />o-$386.61<br />
  3. 3. Rates ContinueMiami PortApril and May<br />Apr 4th<br />I-$346.67<br />o-$376.66<br />Apr 11th<br />I-$336.67<br />o-$366.67<br />Apr 18th<br />I-$426.67<br />o-$466.67<br />Apr 25th<br />I-$426.61<br />o-$466.61<br />May 2nd<br />I-$329.49<br />o-$359.49<br />May 9th<br />I-$329.49<br />o-$359.49<br />May 16th<br />I-$359.49<br />o-$389.49<br />May 23rd<br />I-$359.49<br />o-$389.49<br />May 30th<br />I-$379.49<br />o-$409.49<br />
  4. 4. June<br />Jun 6th<br />I-$439.49<br />o-$479.49<br />Jun 13th<br />I-$459.49<br />o-$499.49<br />Jun 20th<br />I-$459.49<br />o-$499.49<br />Jun 27th<br />I-$459.49<br />0-$499.99<br />I-Interior Room<br />O-Ocean View Room<br />Sorry Miami is going to key west &<br />Cozumel.<br />
  5. 5. Tampa PortInspiration4day cruiseThursday-MondayCozumel only<br />Feb 3rd<br />I-$303.30<br />0-$333.30<br />Feb 17th<br />I-333.30<br />0-373.30<br />Mar 3rd<br />I-$353.30<br />0-$393.30<br />Mar.17th<br />I-$373.30<br />0-$413.30<br />Mar.31st<br />I-$353.30<br />o-$393.30<br />Apr.14th<br />I-$363.30<br />Only one for April.<br />May 12th<br />I-371.64<br />o-$411.64<br />May 26th<br />I-$431.64<br />o-$471.64<br />Jun 9th<br />I-$411.64<br />O-$461.64<br />Jun 23rd<br />I-436.64<br />0-$481.64<br />
  6. 6. Port Canaveral (Orland0)Sensations4daySunday-ThursdayBahamas (Nassau) & Freeport<br />February<br /> March<br />Mar 6th<br />I-$396.36<br />o-$426.36<br />Mar 13th<br />I-$441.37<br />o-$466.36<br />Mar 20th<br />I-$416.37<br />o-$446.36<br />Mar 27th<br />I-$416.37<br />O-$446.36<br />Feb 6th<br />I-$326.37<br />0-$366.36<br />Feb 13th<br />I-331.37<br />O-$366.36<br />Feb 20th<br />I-$366.37<br />0-$406.37<br />Feb 27th<br />I-$361.31<br />O-$386.36<br />
  7. 7. Rates continueApril & May<br />Apr.10th<br />I-$371.37<br />O-$396.37<br />Apr 17th<br />I-$491.37<br />o-$526.36<br />Apr 24th<br />I-$491.37<br />o-$526.37<br />May 1st<br />I-$365.18<br />O-$395.18<br />May 15th<br />I-$385.18<br />0-$415.18<br />May 22nd<br />I-$390.18<br />o-$415.18<br />May 29th<br />Ocean<br />View<br />Only -$485.18<br />
  8. 8. Rates continueJune <br /><ul><li>Jun 5th
  9. 9. I-$510.18
  10. 10. o-$545.18
  11. 11. Jun 12th
  12. 12. I-$530.18
  13. 13. o-$545.18
  14. 14. Jun 19th
  15. 15. Ocean view only-$585.18
  16. 16. Jun 26th
  17. 17. I-$540.18
  18. 18. o-$585.18</li></li></ul><li>THE END!<br /><ul><li>Now it is time for us to vote on what cruise we would like to take, so we can lock in our rates. We need to do this as soon as possible. Other family members are welcome to go, but remember the rate is per person including tax. Please send me a message or email me on your choice. I will tally the votes and give you all the results once they are in. The dead line will be the 3rd week in September. I never really got any responses, when I made the first post on face book maybe 3 people responded . These rates are group rates if we do not get enough people to go the rates will change. Just in case this happen those of you that still want to go then we will do so. If you do not have a passport then I would suggest you start working on that now. A schedule will be followed once we decide on the cruise & date When you send in your vote make sure you put what port & date of the cruise. Good Luck with your decision love you guys. tmmartin1172 @</li>