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  1. 1. AMBITIONS(Yabou) by: Robea Portia S. Ramos, RN
  2. 2. Most Popular Courses1.Social Sciences2.Business3.Accounting4.Law5.Engineering6.Humanities7.Education•Vocational Special Training Schools(senmon gakko)•Graduate Schools- usually taken by men.
  3. 3. National Seven Universities1.Hokkaido University2.Kyoto University3.Kyushu Iniversity4.Nagoya University5.Osaka University6.Tohoku University7.University of Tokyo
  4. 4. Top 10 Most Popular Occupations1.Adult Filmmaker2.Teacher3.Fishermen4.Yakuza5.Manga Writers6.Models7.Reality TV Stars8.Physical Therapists9.Engineers
  5. 5. References:•••