GOBAC (Good Bacteria) Eco-Friendly Waste Solutions


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GOBAC (Good Bacteria) Eco-Friendly Waste Solutions

  1. 1. TECHNOLOGY OFFICE: Our Lady of Ransom Subdivision Matatalaib, Tarlac City MOBILE NO. 09196436945 SATELLITE OFFICE: Mejia Street Bamban, Tarlac MOBILE NO. 09185895407 SATELLITE OFFICE: 399 Sn. Juan St. Sto. Domingo, Angeles City MOBILE NO. 09228490909 Email: jclk4_gobac@yahoo.com SEC Reg. #: CN200700710 Website: www.gobac.isgreat.org GOBAC (Good Bacteria) Eco-Friendly Waste Solutions A micro organic formulation used in biodegradable wastes in industries and in the community including wet market raw garbage and odorless decomposition. It is also a deodorizer, disinfectant and digester that is excellent in good house- keeping using probiotic blend for hotels, restaurants, bars, and homes. It creates sustainable practices in agriculture and aquaculture. Livestock and poultry and, vegetable and fruit trees farming. It is 100% natural that contains beneficial microorganisms.  Neutralizes foul odor in biodegradable waste, kitchen sludge, waste water, toilet and bathrooms, closets and refreshes form cigarette smoke.  Helps in cleaning oil residue in kitchen equipment, ovens and cutting boards.  Slows down he formation of slime and molds in greased traps and sewer lines best used in toilets and sewage.  Easily removes the grime on oily dishes, pots, and pans. Eliminates foul odor of fresh meat, poultry and fish stored in refrigerator.  Sottens beddings, linen and curtains.  Increases the efficiency and stability of aerobic and anaerobic digesters.  Rapidly breaks down biodegradable waste and prevents the growth of bad bacteria.  Decreases the biological oxygen demand, total suspended solids and total dissolved solids of waste water  Vigorously breaks down organic waste materials into tiny, harmless soluble organic forms.  Prevents growth and development of disease-inducing microbes. DIRECTION FOR USE: 1. TREATMENT OF SOLID WASTE – For garbage treatment, dilute 1 litter of GOBAC to 200 liters unchloronated water. Spray the diluted solution into the garbage at rate of 50 liters per 500 kg of wet garbage or 50 liters per 200 kg dry garbage. 2. SANITATION SPRAY – As disinfectant dilute 1 liter of GOBAC to 200 litters of Unchlorinated water. Spray the diluted solution evenly in the flooring and canals at the rate of 0.5 liter per square meter. Spraying should be done weekly or as often as necessary depending on the condition of the area. For kitchen, Toilets and bathrooms: mix 100 ml (10 tablespoon) with 10 liters of unchlorinated water and spray onto kitchen equipment, toilet and bathroom walls and tiles, wipe off dirt and rinse as needed. For Grease Traps: Apply 1 liter of GOBAC per grease trap 4 to 7 days prior to cleaning and removing oil residue and clogs.