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  1. 1. ay o5d HOME FINANCING T7 APPLICATION h- 5 c3 3 u- 3 o04 Buying a home is an exciting event. However, the process can be T8 a bit daunting if you don't know what to expect. Home buying step-b y-s tep: b s n10 Im - 1. Determine how much you can comfortably afford to spend on your mortgage (and associated costs) each month. 6c 2. Think about exactly what you want, and don't want, in a home. 3. Get pre-approved (not just pre-qualified) for a mortgage. 0y o 4. Share your home requirements with your Realtor and tour listings that 0 a. meet them. 5. When you find the home you love, your Realtor will submit an offer to 2d the seller. The seller will accept, make a counter offer, or reject YOUR FIRST STEP TOWARDS YOUR NEW HOME your offer. tt 6. Once your offer is accepted, a contract of sale is drawn up. It will detail price, terms and closing date. Earnest money will be deposited hc o in an escrow account. g 7. Finalize your loan with your lender (if you took the time to become ituh pre-approved, rather than just pre-qualified, this should be a simple process). rno 8. Have a qualified home inspector inspect the property you plan y. to purchase. 9. Obtain homeowner's insurance, go over the transfer of utilities, get p wi final closing costs and confirm the date and location of the closing. ow 10. Bring cashier’s or bank checks to the closing to pay your closing costs. C 11. At the closing you will sign the closing documents and be given the key to your new home. w The easiest way to navigate the home buying process is with a knowledgeable professional by your side. Please give me a call with any questions. I look forward to assisting you! BR00110 © In Touch Today Corporation and its licensors
  2. 2. ay APPLICANT’S INFORMATION ASSETS CREDIT CARDS Applicant’s Name ________________________________________ d Checking Account 1. Name ______________________________Balance __________ Date of Birth ______________SS # _________________________ Name Balance Account No. Acct # __________________________Mnthly Pymnt __________ o5 Married Unmarried ____________Separated __________________ ______________________________________________________ 2. Name ______________________________Balance __________ No. Dependents ___________Ages _________________________ ______________________________________________________ Acct # __________________________Mnthly Pymnt __________ T7 Present Address _________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ 3. Name ______________________________Balance __________ Own_________Rent ________How Long _____________________ Savings Accounts - Credit Unions Acct # __________________________Mnthly Pymnt __________ Prior Address: (Require Two Year History) ____________________ 4. Name ______________________________Balance __________ h- 5 ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ Acct # __________________________Mnthly Pymnt __________ c3 3 Home Phone ______________Work Phone ___________________ ______________________________________________________ 5. Name ______________________________Balance __________ Employer ______________________________________________ Acct # __________________________Mnthly Pymnt __________ u- 3 Address _______________________________________________ OTHER ASSETS 6. Name ______________________________Balance __________ Earnest Money Deposit ___________________________________ o04 Position _____________Gross Income _______________________ Acct # __________________________Mnthly Pymnt __________ Describe Other Income (alimony, child support, or separate Furniture and Household Goods ____________________________ Year and Make of Auto(s)__________________________________ PLEASE BRING TO APPLICATION T8 maintenance income need not be revealed if the borrower does not (for all borrowers) choose to have it considered for repaying this loan.) ____________ ______________________________________________________ A copy of your fully executed purchase / construction ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ agreement signed by all parties(if applicable). n10 Prior Employment for Past Two Years (Complete Addresses)______ Other _________________________________________________ Paystubs covering your most recent 30 day pay period. Im - ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ W-2 forms for the most recent two years. CO-A PPLICANT’S INFORMATION A 6c ______________________________________________________ Self-employed applicants must bring their 2 most recent Applicant’s Name ________________________________________ (Attach documentation for additional Real Estate) personal and business tax returns including all schedules and 0y o Real Estate Owned Date of Birth ______________SS # _________________________ a year-to-date profit and loss statement and balance sheet Married Unmarried ____________Separated __________________ Address Market Value Account No. prepared by an accountant. 0 a. No. Dependents ___________Ages _________________________ ______________________________________________________ The 3 most recent bank statements (all pages) on all accounts. 2d Present Address _________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ A check for the application fee (credit report and appraisal). Own_________Rent ________How Long _____________________ (Attach documentation for additional Real Estate) PROPERTY TO BE MORTGAGED tt Prior Address: (Require Two Year History) ____________________ Name of Lender Mo. Payment Unpaid Balance Account No. ______________________________________________________ Property Address ________________________________________ hc o ______________________________________________________ Home Phone ______________Work Phone ___________________ ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ Listing Agent ___________________Phone __________________ g Employer ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ ituh Selling Agent ___________________Phone __________________ Address _______________________________________________ Position _____________Gross Income _______________________ LIABILITIES Loan Type (if known) _____________________________________ rno Estimated Down Payment _________________________________ Describe Other Income (alimony, child support, or separate 1. Name ______________________________Balance __________ y. maintenance income need not be revealed if the borrower does not Acct # __________________________Mnthly Pymnt __________ Single family 2nd Home Investment property choose to have it considered for repaying this loan.) ____________ 2. Name ______________________________Balance __________ The undersigned hereby authorized my lender to provide the credit p wi ______________________________________________________ Acct # __________________________Mnthly Pymnt __________ bureau with a copy of this application and the information hereon for 3. Name ______________________________Balance __________ the purpose of obtaining a credit report for this mortgage ow Prior Employment for Past Two Years (Complete Addresses)______ ______________________________________________________ Acct # __________________________Mnthly Pymnt __________ application. I further authorize my lender to verify the information as 4. Name ______________________________Balance __________ stated in this application. ______________________________________________________ C ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Acct # __________________________Mnthly Pymnt __________ Landlord _______________________________________________ 5. Name ______________________________Balance __________ Applicant____________________________________ Address _______________________________________________ Acct # __________________________Mnthly Pymnt __________ Date __________________________________ w Phone ___________________Monthly Rent __________________ 6. Name ______________________________Balance __________ Previous Landlord _______________________________________ Acct # __________________________Mnthly Pymnt __________ Co-Applicant _________________________________ Address _______________________________________________ 6. Name ______________________________Balance __________ Phone ___________________Monthly Rent __________________ Date __________________________________ Acct # __________________________Mnthly Pymnt __________