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Rebuilding Commerce


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As startups and innovation hubs push towards grand notions of technology innovation, connecting the world around them, and building towards a truly online commerce profile, there is a huge segment of the population that falters and is left behind. The underserved community represents over 1 out of every 5 people in the US, and as we explore cash heavy societies, and heavily underbanked populations worldwide, that number increases dramatically. These are markets that are massively underserved by technology and commerce, yet represent a potential hotbed of growth for any business.

As we explore this large segment of the world population, we'll dive into how the banking and commerce industries are primed for disruption to build up the underserved communities around the planet into a new digital commerce world. From digital currency to the struggling banking industry, we'll explore how we're on the cusp of a commerce revolution, one that will completely disrupt the banking industry, and our notion of technology reach worldwide.

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Rebuilding Commerce

  1. 1. Rebuilding Commerce Jonathan LeBlanc (@jcleblanc) Head of Global Developer Advocacy at PayPal + Braintree
  2. 2. A Little Story twitter: @jcleblanc | hashtag: #cpbr8
  3. 3. Driven by Basic Needs Driven by Efficiency Driven by Innovation Entrepreneurial Growth vs Economic Growth twitter: @jcleblanc | hashtag: #cpbr8
  4. 4. The Missing Market twitter: @jcleblanc | hashtag: #cpbr8
  5. 5. 50% of adults on the planet do not have bank account twitter: @jcleblanc | hashtag: #cpbr8
  6. 6. Underserved? twitter: @jcleblanc | hashtag: #cpbr8
  7. 7. The Underbanked The Unbanked twitter: @jcleblanc | hashtag: #cpbr8
  8. 8. East Asia: 59% South Asia: 59% Latin America: 65% Central Asia / E Europe: 49% Arab States: 67% High Income: 8% Total Underserved: 53% Global Underserved twitter: @jcleblanc | hashtag: #cpbr8
  9. 9. Not Enough Money Geography Culture Past Behavior Language Barriers Trust Why are People Unbanked? twitter: @jcleblanc | hashtag: #cpbr8
  10. 10. Systems are Different Everywhere twitter: @jcleblanc | hashtag: #cpbr8
  11. 11. The Whole System is Broken twitter: @jcleblanc | hashtag: #cpbr8
  12. 12. Most Commerce Targets the Technology Privileged twitter: @jcleblanc | hashtag: #cpbr8
  13. 13. The Main Barrier twitter: @jcleblanc | hashtag: #cpbr8
  14. 14. twitter: @jcleblanc | hashtag: #cpbr8 Prepaid Cards
  15. 15. Manipulation of the Underserved twitter: @jcleblanc | hashtag: #cpbr8
  16. 16. Move to a Cashless Society twitter: @jcleblanc | hashtag: #cpbr8
  17. 17. The Opportunity twitter: @jcleblanc | hashtag: #cpbr8
  18. 18. Cell Phones Everywhere twitter: @jcleblanc | hashtag: #cpbr8
  19. 19. More People Have Mobile Phones than Toilets twitter: @jcleblanc | hashtag: #cpbr8
  20. 20. Case Studies twitter: @jcleblanc | hashtag: #cpbr8
  21. 21. Qiwi twitter: @jcleblanc | hashtag: #cpbr8
  22. 22. Installments twitter: @jcleblanc | hashtag: #cpbr8
  23. 23. Person to Person twitter: @jcleblanc | hashtag: #cpbr8
  24. 24. Hackathon Products and Ideas twitter: @jcleblanc | hashtag: #cpbr8
  25. 25. Technology Leadership twitter: @jcleblanc | hashtag: #cpbr8
  26. 26. How We’re Changing for the Market twitter: @jcleblanc | hashtag: #cpbr8
  27. 27. Omni Commerce twitter: @jcleblanc | hashtag: #cpbr8
  28. 28. Bluetooth Smart twitter: @jcleblanc | hashtag: #cpbr8
  29. 29. Bitcoin twitter: @jcleblanc | hashtag: #cpbr8
  30. 30. The Market is Shifting twitter: @jcleblanc | hashtag: #cpbr8
  31. 31. Thank You! Jonathan LeBlanc (@jcleblanc) Head of Global Developer Advocacy at PayPal + Braintree