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Talk originally given at PayPal & PulsoSocial Developer Meetup on E-Commerce in Mexico

This talk covers numerous innovations in the areas of commerce. As we explore these experiences, we'll look into considerations, difficulties and practical use cases around implementations.

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  • Physical goods, digital goods, data sales, personalization
  • Tell the story of Instamojo
  • Singular identity allows you to log in
  • Removing the registration form
  • Based onBrowsing habits,Time on page / time of year,LocationRecommendations + targeted advertising
  • Crowdfunding + groups
  • In either case,
  • Tell the story of the two music crowdfunding applications – 1 got in and 1 didn’t
  • Tell story of group funding
  • How do these stores make money off of data sales?Tell story of Target (physical locations) and (digital locations)
  • Commerce Case Studies

    1. 1. Commerce Case Studies Jonathan LeBlanc (@jcleblanc) Head of Developer Evangelism (North America) PayPal | Developer
    2. 2. The Digital Revolution
    3. 3. Physical Costs Price of Goods Storage Shipping Returns … Digital vs. Physical Goods Digital Costs …a few bytes
    4. 4. The Problems with the Model Chargebacks and fraud Copyright owner concerns Tracking buyers
    5. 5. Preventing Fraud: Tracking Buyers Email domain type User browsing & buying habits Manual review Device Fingerprinting IP to billing address location
    6. 6. More on Device Fingerprinting Browser characteristic Bits of identifying information 1 in x browsers with same characterists User Agent 12.01 4117.11 Browser Plugin Detail 6.8 111.13 Time Zone 21.6+ 3178409 Screen Size / Color Depth 4.56 23.58 System Fonts 21.6+ 3178409 Cookies Enabled? 0.44 1.35 Limited Supercookie Test 0.98 1.97
    7. 7. Mobile as a Primary Citizen
    8. 8. Working with the App Stores Any product that can be purchased from the app store needs to be Physical goods are ok – Use a WebView Construct a wrapper the handle cross- device requests
    9. 9. Working with These Models Responsive, cross-platform HTML5 web applications Reduce the number of screens to checkout Use knowledgeable identity systems
    10. 10. Data Reduction with Identity
    11. 11. Identity to Remove Complexities
    12. 12. Optimists consider that up to a 30% of ecommerce sales increase is thanks to cross-selling recommended products fikobservatory Personalized Recommendations
    13. 13. Creating with a Crowd
    14. 14. Crowdfunding vs. Group Funding Many people funding a single individual to perform an end action Many people funding an end action
    15. 15. Why Crowdfunding is so Hard Tracking money to its final source Vetting project owners Time to payment charge Handling chargebacks
    16. 16. Group Funding Decisions Short term vs. long term money holding Direct payment to 1 person or auth /capture model? Who is responsible for chargebacks / refunds?
    17. 17. Building on a Data Backbone
    18. 18. Data Responsibility Personalize, don’t abuse Anonymizing the data sources
    19. 19. Now Announcing…
    20. 20. The New REST APIs in Mexico!
    21. 21. The Auth Mechanism
    22. 22. Fetching an Access Token curl -H "Accept: application/json" -H "Accept-Language: en_US" -u "{CLIENTID}:{SECRET}" -d "grant_type=client_credentials"
    23. 23. Create a Payment curl -v -H 'content-Type:application/json' -H 'authorization:Bearer {ACCESS_TOKEN}' -d '{ "intent":"sale", "redirect_urls":{ … }, "payer": { "payment_method":"paypal" }, "transactions":[ ... ] }'
    24. 24. "links": [{ "href": " payment/PAY-6RV705805EKEYSZ6Y", "rel": "self", "method": "GET" },{ "href": " cmd=_express-checkout&token=EC-60U79N19609", "rel": "approval_url", "method": "REDIRECT" },{ "href": " payment/PAY-6RV705805EKEYSZ6Y/execute", "rel": "execute", "method": "POST" } ]
    25. 25. Execute a Payment curl -v nt/PAY-6RV70583SB2805EKEYSZ6Y/execute/ -H 'Content-Type:application/json' -H 'Authorization:Bearer {ACCESS_TOKEN}' -d '{ "payer_id" : "7E7MGXCWTTKK2" }'
    26. 26. PayPal Mexico Partner Program Our New Developer Portal Resources
    27. 27. Thank You! Jonathan LeBlanc (@jcleblanc) Head of Developer Evangelism (North America) PayPal | Developer