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2012 Internal Hackathon: PayPal Access


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PayPal Access presentation for internal eBay hackathon (April 30th, 2012). The live coding portion of the talk went through the samples available at

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2012 Internal Hackathon: PayPal Access

  1. 1. PayPal Access Identity Hands on walkthroughJonathan LeBlancDeveloper Evangelist: X.commerceTwitter: @jcleblancE-Mail: jleblanc@x.comGithub:
  2. 2. What is PayPal Access?PayPal Access Identity
  3. 3. Main Source of Online Identity Social (perceived) Concrete (true)PayPal Access Identity
  4. 4. What’s the Technology Backbone? OAuth 2.0 OpenID 2.0 OpenID ConnectPayPal Access Identity
  5. 5. Live Example: PHP + OAuth 2PayPal Access Identity
  6. 6. PayPal Access: The Raw Data Verified Account Addresses Language Telephone Number First Name Date of Birth Last Name Time zone Full Name Gender EmailsPayPal Access Identity
  7. 7. PayPal Access: Using the Raw DataPayPal Access Identity
  8. 8. PayPal Access: Using the Raw DataPayPal Access Identity
  9. 9. PayPal Access Extensions Seamless Checkout Prospect Scores Recommendation EnginePayPal Access Identity
  10. 10. Seamless Checkout User is already known – no login needed. Simplified checkout with a single review step.PayPal Access Identity
  11. 11. Prospect Scores How likely is a person to buy (Gold / Silver / Bronze) Based on: • Buying frequency • Online transactions • Average spending valuePayPal Access Identity
  12. 12. Recommendation Engine Recommended Products Similar ProductsPayPal Access Identity
  13. 13. Thanks! Any Questions?Jonathan LeBlancDeveloper Evangelist: X.commerceTwitter: @jcleblancE-Mail: jleblanc@x.comGithub: