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Meet Charlene


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Adapted from the original Ethos3 "Meet Henry" style and inspired by Scott Gavin’s “Meet Charlie” and The Shed’s “Meet Charlotte” slides, this slideshow addresses learning 2.0 in the enterprise 1.0

Published in: Technology, Health & Medicine
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Meet Charlene

  1. Meet Charlene © Photographer: Geotrac | Agency:
  2. AKA 2.0 Learner @ Enterprise 1.0 © Photographer: Geotrac | Agency:
  3. She’s friends with Charlie. And Charlotte.
  4. She learns at home © Photographer: Geotrac | Agency:
  5. and works here.
  6. @ home
  7. …she’s studying health care administration online.
  8. @ work
  9. …she’s a nurse in a large hospital. © Photographer: Geotrac | Agency:
  10. @ home
  11. …she uses Google to filter the Internet for information she needs for school.
  12. @ work
  13. …she is told what to read …don’t forget to check “What’s New” on the Intranet!
  14. @ home
  15. …she contributes to and taps the collective knowledge of her classmates through a wiki.
  16. @ work
  17. …she asks the boss about stuff she needs to know…or tries to find it in a manual… © Photographer: Geotrac | Agency:
  18. @ home
  19. she listens to her professors podcasts and watches lectures whenever, wherever she wants using…
  20. …or attends class in a virtual environment
  21. @ work
  22. …if she misses training she pulls the deck from a document repository during the hours of 8-5. Dmitry Goygel-sokol …if the deck is made available! …if she knows how to find it! …if she has access privileges to them!
  23. …or she reads poorly designed e-learning between the hours of 8-5.
  24. @ home
  25. …she keeps in touch with most of her classmates on… Her classmates are scattered around the world.
  26. @ work
  27. …she networks at a training conference once a year.
  28. @ home
  29. …through …she knows what her classmates are doing 24/7 wherever they are. Too bad these are blocked at work because...
  30. @ work
  31. know the she doesn’t really people down the hall! © Photographer: Geotrac | Agency:
  32. @ home
  33. Using... she starts a conversation with classmates and shares files for a project.
  34. @ work
  35. She uses email to communicate with co-workers
  36. …and she watches a recorded Webinar in the LMS Overview of what is important •This is important •This is why this is important •Again, this is important •Do you have any questions? …too bad she can’t contribute
  37. She has her own blog to keep track of what she’s learning… and she stays up-to-date and contributes to classmates blogs using…
  38. She also reads and writes on other health care administration blogs from all over the world.
  39. In the online healthcare community she’s … a respected …and a dedicated learner learner.
  40. and her network looks like this…
  41. @ work
  42. the networks looks like this…
  43. @ home
  44. Using social bookmarking like… …shestores, organizes, searches, and shares websites with her classmates…
  45. @ work
  46. All the good Websites are locked up here…
  47. …If you ask Charlene what she wants to change about learning at work she’ll say… © Photographer: Geotrac | Agency:
  48. …she wants to connect with co-workers, share knowledge, collaborate with others, network with anyone, anywhere, anytime