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J Clarey Cloud Computing


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cloud computing, learning

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J Clarey Cloud Computing

  1. 1. Janet Clarey Brandon Hall Research Associate In the Cloud clo summit Château Élan Winery and Resort Braselton, GA April 11-13, 2010 a marcusevans event
  2. 2. I don’t care what’s “up there” so long as it works. – eLearning Guru Jay Cross on cloud computing, Web 2.0 Expo
  3. 3. Network as cloud WWW as cloud Social cloud
  4. 4. Circa 1998
  5. 5. Device
  6. 6. Device
  7. 7. Cloud computing n. Leveraging 3rd party computing capability over the network to cut costs, increase scale, improve agility, and access best practices.
  8. 8. Product Innovation Curve Peaking technologies Ascending Maturing technologies technologies Developing ? Declining technologies technologies
  9. 9. The Big Picture Training Technologies (1996) Peaking technologies Text Only Internet Ascending Maturing technologies technologies Compact Discs CBT Web 1.0 Overheads Developing Declining technologies technologies
  10. 10. The Big Picture Training Technologies (2006) Peaking technologies Web 1.0 Ascending Maturing technologies technologies Web 2.0/Clouds Compact Discs Robotics/Agents Text Only Internet Developing technologies Declining technologies
  11. 11. The Big Picture Training Technologies (2010) Peaking technologies Web 2.0 / Clouds Ascending Maturing technologies technologies Robotics/Agents Web 1.0 Collective Learning Compact Discs Developing technologies Declining technologies
  12. 12. When should you consider using a cloud solution?
  13. 13. What problems might you encounter when implementing cloud computing?
  14. 14. What can cloud computing do for workplace learning?
  15. 15. Most valuable skill you’ve learned NOT through a course or seminar.
  16. 16. Learning is an integral and inseparable aspect of social practice. – Lave & Wenger, 1991
  17. 17. New Tools to Support Learning
  18. 18. What you want, when you want it. As opposed to everything you could ever want, even when you don’t. -Marissa Mayer, V.P. Google
  19. 19. Tags: How you think of things CC-licensed image by LuluP: Slide: Dave Ferguson