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The Ubiquitous Language


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Looking at the strategic side of Domain Driven Design, this slide deck goes into where it all starts; the Ubiquitous Language.

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The Ubiquitous Language

  1. 1. @JefClaes -
  2. 2. The Ubiquitous Language – DDD basics
  3. 3. Talking different languages makes projects fail.
  4. 4. When a customer moves, I want to send him an email.
  5. 5. I’ll use a micro ORM to update the database. I think I read something about a fluent SMTP library too...
  6. 6. Users don’t use your software to modify records in a database.
  7. 7. Translations are error prone. Things go lost in translation.
  8. 8. Projects don’t need translations, they need a shared language.
  9. 9. The ubiquitous language is much needed common ground that enables learning and communication.
  10. 10. The model is the backbone of our shared language.
  11. 11. Code can’t lie, documents can.
  12. 12. Well-written code can capture the language as good as any document
  13. 13. Documents have a supporting function.
  14. 14. Keep a focused set of documents and be agressive about keeping them consistent.
  15. 15. Visualizations are awesome, but they are volatile, used to communicate ideas. Trying to keep them updated will constrain you.
  16. 16. Easier said than done...
  17. 17. “A DDD'er walks into a bar.... no, a pub ... no, a bistro... “ - @ToJans
  18. 18. Cultivating an ubiquitous language is not trivial.
  19. 19. But might be worth it... Communication and learning is just so damn important.
  20. 20. Thank you! @JefClaes