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Why Not You


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Why Not You

  1. 1. Why Not You? Be courteous…Please turn off your electronic devices during this presentation
  2. 2. “ Get a degree.” “ WORK HARD.” “ Get with a good company .” “ Don’t rock the boat.” “ We will take care of you.” How to Succeed (what you’ve been told)
  3. 3. Time & Investment for Career *2005 Digest of Education Statistics; Income by Educational Level For Training Purposes Only Let’s Look at the Facts… Education Cost Education Time Average Income* Professional Degree $100,000+ 7 – 10 years $87,518 Masters Degree $50,000+ 6 years $61,423 Bachelors Degree $25,000+ 4 years $49,450 Associates Degree $10,000+ 2 years $38,943
  4. 4. Employee Has a job. Income based on position, not the person. Self-Employed Income based upon individual involvement. No system, no leverage. . Business Owns a system. Has others working for them. Unlimited income potential based upon maximum leverage. 3 Ways to Earn Income…
  5. 5. Those who run their own business tend to build wealth faster than employees. Average household net worth $742K $151K $809K $158K $1 Million $183K $1.3 Million $225K Employed Self-Employed Money, May 2005 Working for Yourself Pays…
  6. 6. 5 Things You Need to Achieve Success
  7. 7. Cutting-edge technology Great Leadership Team Publicly Traded Company Great Products Affiliate Driven Lucrative Compensation Plan 1. The Vehicle
  8. 8. • Long-term winning track record • Built huge organizations (600,000+) • Leads by Example • Self-made multi-millionaire 2. The Mentor – Richard Kall, CEO
  9. 9. The Power of Compounding People! “ Work for Yourself, but not by Yourself” LEVEL Build A Team 3. Leverage
  10. 10. • Video Email (Flash based-Apple support) • Live Broadcasting • Instant Messaging (IM) • Media Manager • Template Manager • Campaign Video Mail - Autoresponders - Lead Capture - Statistics 4. The Right Product
  11. 11. 5. At the Right Time
  12. 12. Our Mission To provide an outstanding opportunity for you to potentially create financial independence, and to help your family realize their dreams . Our Vision To build the world’s best and largest marketing organization for video email campaign software Our System Simple, yet powerful proven solutions for building a successful business A Company Built With Your Family in Mind
  13. 13. Conduct your business in an honest, ethical manner at all times. Make only true representations about the opportunity and benefits associated with VMdirect. Provide support and encouragement to your business partners and customers to ensure that their experience with VMdirect is a successful one. VMdirect Affiliates work together as one team. We encourage all meetings to be open to all Affiliates and their prospects . HONESTY INTEGRITY SERVICE TEAM VMdirect Code of Ethics
  14. 14. Media Cost Trend Open Effective People and businesses are moving away from traditional media to the internet, but DO NOT KNOW WHAT TO DO. You can show them. How Can I Capitalize on This Opportunity? MEDIA COST TREND OPEN EFFECTIVE TV $$$$$ ??? Radio $$ ??? Newspapers $$ ??? Yellow Pages $$$ ??? Direct Mail $$ 0.5 – 5% Email Cents on the dollar 5-20%
  15. 15. Campaign videomail delivers your message to your contact’s inbox rather than waiting for your contact to come to you (your website) …and your contact SEES AND HEARS YOU. What Kind of Internet Marketing is Most Effective? Building a website Buying banner ads Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Buying search words Email Video email Campaign mail Campaign videomail
  16. 16. TOOLS OF ATTRACTION + KNOW HOW VMdirect Internet Marketing System
  17. 17. HTML email with video – newsletters, announcements, invitations Mail F5 Simple Smart Personal
  18. 18. Create and store multimedia files…Live Broadcast over the Internet Media F5 Create Manage Share
  19. 19. Schedule and send Video Email Marketing Campaigns Marketing F5 Attract Engage Succeed
  20. 20. The answer is…How much money do you want to make? There are 4 ways to earn with VMdirect… 1. Retail Commissions 2. Matrix Commissions 3. Generous Bonus Programs 4. Service Pack Bonus Program You are equipped with the Current Commission Report (in your VMdirect Admin Center) for step-by-step details on the milestones you need to hit, to put money in your pocket How Much Money Can I Make?
  21. 21. 20% Retail Commissions YOU 1. Retail Commissions
  22. 22. YOU Your Affiliates’ Affiliates’ Affiliates Your Affiliates’ Affiliates Your Affiliates 2. 2% - 5% Matrix Commissions
  23. 23. YOU Your Affiliates Your Affiliates’ Affiliates Your Affiliates’ Affiliates’ Affiliates 3 . Generation Bonuses
  24. 24. Affiliates can earn EXTRA MONEY each month from our generous BONUS PROGRAMS. 4. Company-Wide Bonus Programs BONUS PROGRAMS Customer 2% Monthly Leadership 4% Monthly Bronze 1% Monthly Gold 3% Monthly Diamond Team Building Monthly 1 Star Diamond 3% Monthly
  25. 25. When you enroll a new Affiliate you are paid a commission on the products that they purchase for personal consumption or marketing purposes. The larger the package, the larger your potential commissions. YOU AT Chief Executive 5 . Service Pack Bonus Program
  26. 26. Based on US Dollars Commissions based on products purchased for personal use or marketing purposes Service Pack Commissions STAGE ONE FT CE Fast Track $80 $80 Chief Executive $80 $500 STAGE TWO FT CE Fast Track $100 $100 Chief Executive $100 $600 STAGE THREE FT CE Fast Track $120 $120 Chief Executive $120 $700 STAGE FOUR FT CE Fast Track $140 $140 Chief Executive $140 $800 STAGE FIVE FT CE Fast Track $160 $160 Chief Executive $160 $900
  27. 27. EXTRA INCOME • College Tuition • Car Payment • Mortgage Payment • Credit Card Debt FINANCIAL FREEDOM • Travel the World • Retire Early Replacement Income Time Freedom – Set your own schedule Leave a Legacy – your VMdirect business is willable and saleable The Benefits to You
  28. 28. <ul><li>You were curious about the future of </li></ul><ul><li>communications </li></ul><ul><li>You want to be a Retail Customer </li></ul><ul><li>You want to create an alternative </li></ul><ul><li>income stream working part-time </li></ul><ul><li>You want to create a full-time income </li></ul><ul><li>Which one of the four are you? </li></ul>Set up an interview with the person who was responsible for your seeing this opportunity. VMdirect Offers 4 Options