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  1. 1. Council: United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime Date: March 15th, 2012 UNODC/Res/A/1 Topic: Relationship between drug trafficking and conflict with a special focus on the case of Afghanistan Sponsors: Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, People’s Republic of China, Islamic Republic of Iran, Republic of Iraq, Libya, Kingdom of the Netherlands, Islamic Republic of Pakistan, Russian Federation, Tunisian Republic 1 Recalling the principles outlined in the United Nations’ Charter highlighting the 2 importance of maintaining international peace and security, 3 4 Recognizing the importance of the sovereignty of all member states, 5 Noting the continuous expansion of the illegal drug trade and its violent nature 6 accompanied by the raging conflicts that surround it, 7 Recalling Article 4, Clause 1 of the United Nations Convention against Illicit Traffic in 8 Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances which states “Each party shall take such 9 measures as may be necessary to establish its jurisdiction over the offences it has10 established when:11 a) The offence is committed in its territory,12 b) The offence is committed on board a vessel flying its flag or an aircraft which13 is registered under its laws at the time the offence is committed,14 c) The offence is committed by one of its nationals or by a person who has his15 habitual residence in its territory”,16 Reiterating Article 7, Clause 2 of the aforementioned convention pertaining to Mutual17 Legal Assistance which states the following methods of aiding member states:18 a) Taking evidence or statements from persons,19 b) Effecting service of judicial documents,20 c) Executing searches and seizures,21 d) Examining objects and sites,22 e) Providing information and evidentiary items,23 f) Providing originals or certified copies of relevant documents and records,24 including bank, financial, corporate, or business records,25 g) Identifying or tracing proceeds, properties, instrumentalities, or other things26 for evidentiary purposes,27 Realizing the importance of combating the illegal drug trade and the urgency of tackling28 the case of Afghanistan,29 Noting the success of the widespread rehabilitation programs in Afghanistan,30
  2. 2. 31 Encouraging any member state that has implemented or is able to implement successful32 drug enforcement policy to assist Afghanistan, as long as it does not threaten the internal33 security of the nation,3435 Stressing that inciting military conflict in any of the drug trading nations is counter-36 productive for efforts to combat the issue,37 The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime hereby;3839 1. Encourages member nations that if military assistance is required to aid Afghanistan40 with regards to combating drug trafficking it should do so under the condition that it41 operates in unison with Afghani forces;4243 2. Calls for the co-operation between states within The Golden Crescent, which include44 Afghanistan, Iran, and Pakistan, to take stringent measures to control their borders and45 monitor the current drug trafficking situation within the area by implementing the46 following:47 a) Exchange of intelligence and specific information regarding the flow of illicit48 drugs,49 b) Exchange of military and security resources needed for border safety and control;50 3. Supports the implementation of a strict and effective law enforcement system that51 includes, but is not limited to:52 a) Focusing on suppressing the use of illicit drugs that may in turn incite criminal53 behavior,54 b) Creating incentives directed at underprivileged individuals affected by or involved55 in the illicit drug trade, by providing them with improved government services56 and opportunities, given that they agree to abide by the state’s anti-drug policies,57 c) Allocating revenues from fines imposed on drug users to the development of58 prevention and treatment programs;5960 4. Recommends alternative jobs to be provided to maintain the financial livelihoods of61 those entirely dependent on the drug industry, such as:62 a) The use of opium resources for medicinal purposes, thus providing a legal and63 socially beneficial alternative to the current usage,64 b) Providing crop alternatives (i.e. vegetables, cash crops) to maintain their65 livelihood whist introducing crop rotation and other sustainable agricultural66 schemes to improve the industry;6768 5. Urges member nations to curb illicit drug demand by the following measures, but not69 limited to:70 a) Enhancement of existing rehabilitation programs to ensure that recovering addicts71 do not return to drug abuse and are effectively reintegrated into society,
  3. 3. 72 b) The inclusion of the negative effects and consequences of illicit drug consumption73 in school curriculums at an early age,74 c) Strengthening the role of the media to combat this problem by educating the youth75 and displaying a consistent message that drug use is wrong and unacceptable.