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Council:           The Human Rights Council                               Date: 16/10/2010
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Resolution #2


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Resolution #2

  1. 1. Council: The Human Rights Council Date: 16/10/2010 CHR/HRC/Res/A/2 Topic: Internet Freedom and Censorship Sponsors: Spain, Japan, United States of America, Uruguay, Norway, France, Switzerland, Jordan Co-Sponsors: Reporters without boarders 1 2 Affirming the principles of human rights put forth by the 1948 Universal 3 Declaration of Human Rights, 4 5 Emphasizing the importance of article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human 6 Rights, 7 8 Affirming the principles of freedom of speech and expression, 9 10 Establishing the fact that censorship mutes the voices of people which would 11 disallow them from speaking of their opinions freely, 12 13 Respecting the rights of every individual to freely access the internet, 14 15 16 The Human Rights Council hereby: 17 18 1. Believes that everyone should express their point of views and their 19 beliefs; 20 21 2. Recognizes the need to censor child pornography; 22 23 3. Urges the establishmentof an annual meeting where: 24 25 a. Held every year to ensure freedom of expression and national 26 security at the same time all year round. 27 28 b. Should discuss how the government of each country and their 29 people adapt to the rules and perhaps make amends which should 30 improve the agreement; 31 32 c. An assessment of achieved progress takes place. 33 34 35 36