Johnny Chua Biography


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Johnny Chua Biography

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Johnny Chua Biography

  1. 1. Johnny Chua – An experienceLogistician with 27 years of Goodknowledge in Supply ChainManagement
  2. 2. Biography1. 27 years of strong operational experiences specialized in manufacturing and service industries.2. Held many different cross functional managerial roles such as Operations Executive, Customer Services Manager, Order Fulfillment (Demand Planning) manager, Distribution Centre logistics Manager, Supply Chain Manager for emerging markets, Logistics Manager and Instrument Logistics Services Manager.3. Exposed to many multi-national companies’ processes, values and cultures. These include companies such as Black & Decker, Motorola Electronics, General Electrics Medical System (Asia Pacific), Bakers Oil Tools, Nortel Network, Schering Plough Ltd, Merck Sharp & Dohme (MSD), Philip Morris Research & Development etc.
  3. 3. Compliment from my colleagues :1. Over the years of my employment, my supervisor and colleagues have complimented me as a person who is positive, jovial and funs to work with.2. Adapt to changes very well and able to acquire good understanding of different company’s value/ culture, policies, business processes and Information Technology systems efficiently.3. A person who accepted challenges and take ownership to lead and participate in many continuous improvement / cost saving projects.4. An instrumental manager who helped to establish, identify, improve and manage many logistics and customer service related business solutions and Key Performance Indicator measurements. Projects achievement includes setting up new warehouses for new products transfer, cold chain shipment processes, Supply Chain business process re-engineering, Oracle / SAP system design and implementation, customize KPI data reporting for the businesses.
  4. 4. 1. Personality Traits Strong leader behaviour, - Share accountability & Transparency - Cross functional Teamwork and Collaboration - Listening and Learning - Benchmarking and Continuously Improve - Coaching and Developing others - Business Integrity Positive attitude, Highly motivated, cost conscious, Discipline and results-orientated, Skill in business data collection and analytical skills Creative and initiatives contributor High believer in commercial sense, risk analysis and decision maker, Candor and courage. – Impartial and unprejudiced.
  5. 5. 27 years of continuous upgrading ……I have proven to many that I am a person :1. Who set objectives , plan, manage it, drive it and achieve it in my life.2. I am discipline and focus in my life, work and career.3. I am adaptable to survive in different environment, multi tasking and delivering good result.4. I am a person who always will says “when the going get tough, the tougher get going’.
  6. 6. News Picture A school drop out at the age of 16 years old. Continuous upgrading and study brings me to where I am today….
  7. 7. Lifelong Award cert
  8. 8. Progress and result of my academic achievement. 1 “ High Distinctions”, 4 “ Distinction” & 3 “Credits”
  9. 9. Progress and result of my academic achievement. 4 “Distinctions” & 4 “High Distinction”
  10. 10. Diploma in various trainings .…
  11. 11. Qualification1. Master of Business in Logistics Management (Curtin University of Technology, Perth Western Australia)2. Bachelor Of Commerce in Logistics Management (Curtin University Of Technology, Perth Western Australia)3. Advance Diploma In Business Administration (IBMEC/ University Of Humberside & University Of technology, Sydney)4. Diploma in Business Management (MDIS / University of Bradford, UK)5. Diploma in Marketing (London Chamber Of Commerce And Industry)6. Diploma in International Shipping (Maritime Studies Centre / University of Westminster)7. Diploma in Modelling and Personal Grooming (Elsa Yeo Modelling centre)
  12. 12. Recognition by the Ministers…
  13. 13. Volunteering as Special Part Time lecturing in Singapore Constable in the Singapore Institute of Materials Police Force for 22 years Management for the past 6 yearsContributing back toSociety …. Able to contribute back to the academy , share my knowledge with the students and others.
  14. 14. Some Major accomplishment as Logistics Manager in Pharmaceutical transportation and warehousing.1. Set Up Clean Room for Pharmaceutical Product Pack Out.2. Set Up, Qualify, Validation, Execute Mapping for Temperature Control Room Storage Area for Internal sites wide warehouses.3. Implement, Design, Document SAP system and Business Processes for Warehouse Management System and Inventory Module.4. Review and Document all FDA Worldwide Quality System Level 2.5. Certification of ISO 14000 & ISO 18001 for warehouse operations.6. Class A – Supply Chain Excellent Certification for Warehouse Management.7. Zero Major Citations or Findings for all External & Internal Regulatory Audits. Meeting all Current Good Manufacturing / Documentation Practice.
  15. 15. Working Knowledges and achievements … Supply Chain / Order Management 1. Ensure maximization of cost effectiveness through long term contracts following service providers’ pre-qualification and tendering process for sea freight, airfreight and road transportation contracts for Asia Pacific Region. 2. Prepare and analyse management and financial reports, budgets, expense reports and department forecasts. 3. Prompt order processing, meet all customers requested ship delivery. 4. Ensure 100% new products support and commercialisation. 5. Work with Regional AP Logistics Manager to develop a business plan and goals. 6. Control logistics costs to include freight, shipping, warehousing. 7. Negotiate prices for purchasing items – equipments, packaging materials and 3PL storage etc, 8. Identify continuous improvement and cost saving project. 9. Manage the interfaces with sales and marketing to manage customer expectations.
  16. 16. Achievement1. Annual freight cost saving for Asia Pacific amounting to USD 700K to 800K. ie; re-configuration of packaging, RFQ rate bidding for major export lanes, routing re-configuration etc.2. Improve order process and reduce flight transit time by 1-2 weeks resulting in reduction of safety stock by 1-2 weeks. Rolling Cost saving on inventory holding cost of USD 800K.
  17. 17. Operations1. Ensure consistent quality of service and support in accordance with service level agreements with operations.2. Manage efficient supply chain for both inbound and outbound logistics planning in conjunction with warehouse operations3. Manage cost efficient product distribution planning operations meeting marketing/customer’s agreed requirements and expectations, and compliance with all statutory and legal policies and procedures of international trade.4. Maintain performance statistics and ensure accurate record keeping of all operational documents related to logistics.5. Manage and oversee administrative functions to ensure all paperwork is processed efficiently and in a timely manner. Meets all compliance requirements in the importing and exporting country6. Ensure that freight is moved safely and in a timely manner utilizing appropriate forecasting methods.7. Manage and understand the local customs clearances and port operations for all in house projects materials and equipment.8. Develop key relationships with local customs/shipping/port authority.
  18. 18. Achievement1. Re-configured cold chain validated product shipment box. Reduce shipment pallet from 11 down to 6 pallets. Saving in total freight and temp tale used and reduce usage of ice pack and manpower. Rolling cost saving of USD 1.7 million yearly. progress)2. Converting of rejected materials for project machine run in and equipment alignment using “44” series. Cost saving of USD 50K - 80K.
  19. 19. Logistics1. Lead, direct and manage logistics planning for both inbound/outbound and operational activities related to customs/insurance and freight management with focus on the customer and Health Safety and Environment.2. Ensure the efficient and effective operation of the Logistics function to meet departmental objectives. Set Service providers KPI’s measurement.3. Focuses on the tactical development of the Supply Chain group and launches and monitors improvement programmers.4. To guarantee effective organization of all centralized storage rooms and logistics and apply all regulations and guidelines for storage and transportation5. Ensure performance levels for delivery of products are maintained at the highest level. Work with Global appointed service providers to enable Tracking/tracing of consignments via web link.6. Coordinate with manufacturing divisions to ensure the timely and accurate delivery of goods.
  20. 20. Achievement1. Change of export commercial shipment pallet from wooden to corrugate pallet. Rolling Cost saving on freight and pallet price USD 250K.2. In house transportation trucking from air conditional to normal truck. Rolling Cost saving USD 80K.3. Elimination of metal caging for rejected, printed materials. Saving of USD 150K for Biotech and Tablet warehouse.
  21. 21. Inventory Management1. Ensure that goods are stored within defined time parameters and in appropriate storage condition2. Carry out cycle count and stock-takes as required3. Ensure that Customer orders are picked and packed promptly and accurately, in proper shipping condition, within nominated time-frame4. Ensure all consignments are picked up by the transport company at designated time5. Ensure that goods are received within 1 working day, segregate and stored as per SKU requirement in SAP and compliance to all government regulations.
  22. 22. Achievement1. Ensure 100% cycle counting and Inventory Accuracy (Cycle Count) - Monthly 99.5%, Annual Average 99.5%2. Change of buying inco term between Exwork, DDU, CPT ..etc. Rolling cost saving of USD 70K – 80K
  23. 23. Human Resources1. Coach, train and mentor direct reports and provide career development opportunities through training and quality management activities.2. Conduct annual performance reviews for all direct reports against agreed KPI’s, department goals and other tasks.3. Recruits, develops, coaches and motivates the Supply Chain team with a clear focus to create high performing professionals.4. To identify high potentials and develop career/progression plan, utilising Talent Management process.5. Keep abreast of emerging technology changes and innovations through formal or informal study, reading business and professional publications, networking and participation in professional organisations.
  24. 24. Achievement1. Trained 2 super users supporting SAP WMS & Inventory modules.2. Successful cross trained all Senior Warehouse Assistant to support different warehouses operations.3. Upgrade Supervisor, Senior Warehouse Assistant and Warehouse Assistant by identifying and sending them for advance education training - Diploma and Degree. Assign them to identify and lead continuous improvement projects.
  25. 25. Project Management Achievement1. Support all new products equipment and materials transfer and shipment into Singapore.2. Global Transportation strategy implementation.3. SAP system implementation for WMS and Inventory module for both Singapore and Indonesia sites.4. Validation and Qualification for 2 new external storage for DG and Cold chain products/ materials5. SAP system implementation for WMS and Inventory module for both Singapore and Indonesia sites.6. Oliver Wight Class A supply Chain excellent, ISO 14000, ISO 18001 implementation and certification.7. Execute 12 continuous process improvement/ cost saving projects yearly such as; Improve warehouse incoming and outgoing materials flows, Improve inventory turns, maximising warehouse space utilisation, warehouse system automation, implementation of Bar Coding, achieve 5% below department expense against budget, control OT below 5% monthly and Improves stock accuracy to 99.99%.
  26. 26. Strategy Management1. Supporting new product and new market initiatives,2. Business risk analysis and continuity meeting business compliance and corporate policies,3. Supporting Future Business model – Outsourcing of transportation and warehousing operation.
  27. 27. Career ObjectiveTo pursue a challenging careers to equip and built up my strength inglobal logistics management.To work toward striving for continuous skill acquisition, improvement,responsiveness to market changes so as to achieve self confident,satisfaction.Striving to acquire customer satisfaction skills set by continuouslyimproving and adapting to all business activity changes.Searching best solutions and World Class State of art practise inproviding delivery with defect free, premium value product on time, withservice second to none.