A new era for interior glass


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See what we have been up to with our recent projects and the new products we have been installing.

We have some really creative solutions using glass to transform your office home or shop.

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A new era for interior glass

  1. 1. architectural glazing design with imagination Office Commercial Residential Retail
  2. 2. Content Page1. glazing solutions from aspiration interiors2. projects1. Benefits of using glass and graphics
  3. 3. Glazing solutionsWe invest a high premium on design led product solutionsthat capture the imagination of our clients and deliver areturn on investment.Our product solutions:1. Architectural glazing2. Demountable partitioning3. Glass signage with graphics4. Graphic feature screens for all interiors5. Glass wall cladding6. Shower and bathroom screensWe design our product to exceed all expectation. We haveworked on some highly bespoke glazing projects creatingfeature screens with graphics and lighting, historical glasssignage and wall mounted reception panels.Our projects whether standard glazed partitioning or highlybespoke concept solutions receive the same level ofcareful planning, expert execution and detailedmanagement support.
  4. 4. Projects: Bellefield Private Residential50m residential development, surrey, ukClient : Private residential with developerProduct : Various highly bespoke glazing solutionsLocation : Bathrooms and reception rooms
  5. 5. Bellefield – Bespoke glazing with graphics & led lighting
  6. 6. Bellefield – Bespoke glazing with graphics & led lighting
  7. 7. Bellefield – Bespoke bathroom mirror and shower partitioning with vertical print
  8. 8. Bellefield – the building The most expensive private residential project we have worked on to date, a cool 50 million. We were commissioned to design, develop, manufacture and install a variety of bespoke glazing solutions. Including our first double glazed graphic wall with led mood lighting, digitally printed mirror and glass walls in the shower and master bathroom. We also installed some staircase balustrading A privilege to work on a project of this scale which required precise attention to detail, seamless manufacturing and installation delivered within a tight programme.
  9. 9. Projects: The Hive BirminghamResidential tower block in Birmingham city centreClient : NikalProduct : Double glazed screen with graphics and led lightingLocation : Reception
  10. 10. The Hive – Bespoke double glazed reception screen with led lighting & graphics
  11. 11. The Hive – close up Internal double glazed wall with low iron glass and applied graphics creating depth and movement with light. Led light strips concealed in the head of the system offering clean white down light. A crisp and seamless installation with minimal visible frame detail and illuminating graphics that bring the reception area to life.
  12. 12. The Hive – apartment kitchen
  13. 13. Projects: Viking Triangle Waterford IrelandA little piece of history displayed for everyone to seeClient : Waterford City CouncilProduct : External glass signage with digitally printed informationLocation : Situated at various historical locations
  14. 14. Viking Triangle– glass signage with digital printing (sunlight safe)
  15. 15. Viking Triangle– glass signage with digital printing (sunlight safe)
  16. 16. Viking Triangle– glass signage with digital printing (sunlight safe) Digitally printed 19mm low iron glass laminated together with an overall thickness of 39mm. The signage varied in size and shape with most panels 2.4m high (3 panel sign image to the left). Stainless steel structure concealed behind decorative metal facing panels to give the illusion of age. The print media was selected because it was not susceptible to uv rays from the sun. A truly unique installation in and around Waterford City offering eye catching and informative information to visitors capturing some of the important local history.
  17. 17. Projects: Wellington Hospital ReceptionReception wall art and corporate brandingClient : Wellington Hospital LondonProduct : Internal digitally printed glazing with corporate brandingLocation : Variation receptions in the hospital
  18. 18. Wellington Hospital– glass wall art and corporate branding
  19. 19. Wellington Hospital– glass wall art and corporate branding
  20. 20. Wellington Hospital– glass wall art and corporate branding Wellington hospital is undergoing renovation in the various departments. We have now completed 3 different reception areas with secondary screens in each area. Our digitally printed screens include the new corporate branding for the hospital, signage and information for patients In a location where cleanliness is of the upmost importance glass offers excellent qualities for signage and wall finishing. A modern easy to clean product with a minimal design aesthetic.
  21. 21. Demountable Partitioning – combining a feeling of openness and privacy
  22. 22. Demountable Partitioning – a wealth of experience Our director worked for a world renown Italian partitioning and furniture manufacturer delivering some of the most technically demanding partitioning projects in London over a 14 year period. With overall responsibility, successfully delivered projects for JP Morgan, HSBC Canary Wharf, PWC new HQ More London and the GLA Lord Mayors building. We deliver elegant single and double glazed partitioning solutions to meet modern design requirements with integrated drywall or work-wall crosswall arrangements. We have a wealth of experience producing bespoke and standard solutions to meet your exacting requirements: • Full height single or double glazed partitioning with minimal vertical joints • Integrated drywall crosswall or full working wall arrangement • Deflection head details and acoustic abutments • Glazed or solid door arrangement • Detailed acoustic performance reports • We produce detailed drawing pack for approval with all abutment and interface details, elevations and plans.
  23. 23. Demountable Partitioning – a wealth of experience As well as internal partitioning we completed the external glazing and bespoke metal work for Ecotricity in Stroud. Curved single glazed and high level double glazed units
  24. 24. Benefits of using glass and graphicsDesign Benefits Return on investmentGlass is an integral part of modern building design both Without any doubt!structurally and as a finishing product. It offers designersgreat flexibility, aesthetics, reflection, movement, All our project work is carefully planned to encompass theatmosphere, light and safety. most cost effective products, design, detailing, manufacturing processes, delivery and installation toThe applications for glass are only limited by your ensure you get all the benefit from our product. We wantimagination and the help of a forward thinking company you to continue enjoying the benefits long after we havewith the technical ability to delivery your aspiration. completed the project. It is a proven fact combined graphics and lighting haveEnvironmental a positive affect on staff, clients and visitors which can only be positive for the business. We have standard easy100% recyclable, which is great news with the pressure to install graphic wall solutions to complement anywe are under to use sustainable products. reception or office area or complete bespoke design.We combine aluminium frames with our glazing products Maintenancewhich are also 100% recyclable so aside from the oddfixing or tape we are creating sustainable products for Standard glazing requires minimal maintenance and itsthe future in modern building design cost effective resilient product.Commercial Its also easy to change our graphic walls simply remove the image from the glass and apply another one with aThe cost of glass has significantly reduced in recent years new message, new corporate branding or if you justmaking it one of the most practical and cost effective fancy something new to look at. Great flexible solutions.products to install. We offer budget or highly bespokesolutions for our projects.
  25. 25. “A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.” Winston Churchill