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THE MESSAGE IS THE MESSENGER             Nobody captured the power of influence better than Marshall McLuhan, when he said...
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The Message is the Messenger


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This infographic depicts the shift in the public’s trust from “institutional” media to “personal” media. That is, as traditional media’s empire crumbles, influence shifts to the individual. This visual captures 86 of the most trusted voices in new media, publishing, advocacy, entrepreneurship, public relations and research. We call it, “The Message is the Messenger.”

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The Message is the Messenger

  1. 1. THE MESSAGE IS THE MESSENGER Nobody captured the power of influence better than Marshall McLuhan, when he said, Key for the Messengers “The message is the medium.” But what happens to influence when media institutions fall? It shifts to the individual. NON PROFIT / ACADEMIA / ADVOCACY Today the message has become messenger. The businesswoman doubles as an advocate. The analyst is an entrepreneur. The blogger runs a non-profit. This infographic explores the overlapping and multi-dimensional roles today’s messengers are playing in this era of “personal media.” DA DA DA DA AD DA DA It is not intended to be an exhaustive list of personal brands. Instead its a collection of ACD DCA AC CA CA the people who inspire the team that created it. These are the voices that influence us. AC AC CA CA A A A A A ANALYSIS A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A BROUGHT TO YOU BY BUSINESS / CONTENT / ENTREPRENEURSHIP MEDIA Jessica Ory Sloane Shireen Jen Joshua Jackley Orkolloh V. Berrent Mitchell Nedeau LevyNON PROFIT ACADEMIA Zainab Seth Robert Andre Leslie Baratunde ADVOCACY Salbi Godin Michael Blackman Poston Thurston Murray AD danah Perry Gina Ray Jennifer Beth boyd Hewitt Bianchini Wang Aaker Kanter ACD Vivek Leslie Liz Nisha Wadhwa Bradshaw Philips Chittal AC Michael Brooke Brett Jolie Lee Josh Brad Zach ANALYSIS Wu Moreland Petersel O’Dell Odden Bernoff McCarty Hofer-Shall AC AC Fred John Kara Rachel Jeremiah William Brian Nate Wilson Lovett Swisher Sklar Owyang Beutler Solis Silver A A Becky Steve Seth Valeria Peter Jennifer Steve Sarah Brown Woods Priebatsch Maltoni Kim Van Grove Garfield Evans Bonin Scott Brian Steve Brandee Ann David Chris Bough Kirsner Wong Farnsworth Barker Handley Meerman Anderson Scott A A A Stephanie Dennis Laura Adam Augie Joe Amber Mack Schierholz Crowley Fitton Singer Ray Chernov Naslund Collier A Mario Jeffrey Kevin Jesse Todd David Joe Rohit Sundar Dachis Systrom Thomas Defren Armano Pulizzi Bhargava Paul Adam Justin Andy Gevrina CC Gillin D’Angelo Levy Beal Seferaj Chapman Scott David Monty Griner Gary Caterina Vaynerchuk Fake Guy Esteban Kawasaki Contreras Dharmesh Brian Shah Andy Halligan Beal Dan Charlene Martell Li AD Jason Nick Calacanis O’Neill BUSINESS / ENTREPRENEURSHIP CONTENT / MEDIA