Mobile Technology's Role in Hurricane Sandy


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Kinvey's look at the role mobile technology played in superstorm Sandy.

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Mobile Technology's Role in Hurricane Sandy

  1. 1. SOS send! Mobiles Role in Combating Sandy
  2. 2. Viewing Sandy Through a Mobile Lens
  3. 3. Mobile phoneilluminates epiduralfor mother-to-be
  4. 4. Instacane - curatesInstagram imagesof #Sandy
  5. 5. NY MTA tweets fieldworkers Blackberryphotos, 1 videotops 400K views
  6. 6. The only buildingwith power.5,842 RTs. Credit: Justin King
  7. 7. For those fortunateto find gas, the waitwas 5 hours Credit: Augie Ray
  8. 8. This iPhone photoof FDR Drive isshared 4,000 times
  9. 9. Mobile & Crisis Communications
  10. 10. A dash of humor:45,000 Foursquareusers checked in at"Frankenstorm, NY"
  11. 11. !NYs "PLAN"program alertsresidents via SMS
  12. 12. Newark Mayor livetweets during drivethrough city.
  13. 13. Mobile Aids Storm Recovery
  14. 14. First Aid by American Red Cross FEMA SOS sendFlashlight Hurricane Mobile apps are the new survival kit
  15. 15. iTunes acceptsdonations to RedCross
  16. 16. to Donate How 1 Text the following numbers in order to donate money to Nonprofits use SMS the Hurricane Sandy relief effort to raise money for 2 relief efforts American American Salvation The Red Direct Relief World Humane Humane Army International Cross VisionAssociation Association HUMANE Text: HUMANE Text: STORM Text: REDCROSS Text: RELIEF Text: GIVEUSA 80888 To: 80888 To: 80888 To: 90999 To: 27722 To: 777444 $10 To Give: $10 To Give: $10 To Give: $10 To Give: $10 To Give: $10
  17. 17. Mobile notificationsruled whenhospitals movedpatients
  18. 18. AT&T and T-Mobile offer free roamingAT&T T-Mobile in NYC
  19. 19. #njgas hashtagguides drivers toopen gas stations
  20. 20. When batteries die,people turn to phones Credit: roeyahram
  21. 21. Hundreds line up for iPad mini So many people wanted the iPad mini that suppliers are Three days after going to have a very hard time mee meeting Sandy, hundreds of analysts expectations New Yorkers line up for iPad mini
  22. 22. Killer App: Power
  23. 23. Power is the new"canned goods"
  24. 24. 11 year oldopens pop-upcharging station,acceptsdonations forRed Cross
  25. 25. Battery powerjoins the ranks offood, water,shelter
  26. 26. This deck highlights the role mobile technology played in preparing for, combating and recovering from Sandy. Kinvey is proud to be part of the mobile community. Kinvey provides cloud backends to mobile app developersResearch by: Lauren Pedigo Design by: Jacob McKibben