Monsters of greek mythology2


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Slide presentation for Ms. Howard's class

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Monsters of greek mythology2

  1. 1. Monsters of Greek MytholoGyAnd the heroes who fouGht theM
  2. 2. the Greek view of Monstersicious Creatures sually devoured or wreaked havoc (pandemonium)th humanssed by gods to get revenge, teach humans a lesson orscare themost defeated only by heroes with special qualities,engths, talents or gifts (eg. Perseus had Athenas shield
  3. 3. heroesMonstersBrave & Courageous Mindless, cruel andRole model brutalPossibly an offspring of Barbaric personalityone of the gods Typically a child of oneSpecial powers or of the Titansabilities or gifts from Possessed specialone of the gods powers or abilities –On a quest cursed !Flawed, but continually An instrument of thelearning gods
  4. 4. MedusAOne of 3 GorgonsOffended AthenaSlain by PERSEUSIn science – Medusa jellyfish
  5. 5. CERBERUS3 headed-dog of onstrous size thatuards the entrance tohe underworldDragged up to the upper worldy HERACLES as one of his2 LaborsIn modern literature – “Fluffy “om Harry Potter
  6. 6. CHIMERAFire-breathing femaleonsterLions head, goats body, agons tailDefeated byELLEROPHON, a young ave GreekModern appearance - movie “Missionmpossible 2” - virus
  7. 7. CYCLOPESSavage, powerful giants withne eye in the middle of theirorehead Children of Poseidon ODEYSSEUS tricked the one amed Polyphemus nd escaped from its cave In science“antheraea polyphemus” a moth that has large spots on itswings that resemble eyes
  8. 8. HYDRA Serpent with 9 heads - when ne was cut off, two grewn its placeEven its breath could killGuarded one of the entranceso the underworldSlain by HERACLES in onef his 12 laborsHydra is largestonstellation of the southern sky
  9. 9. GRAEA (GRAy) SISTERS 3 sisters born old, and greyHad only one tooth and one eyeo share Sisters of the GORGONS -guarded them ENYO – warlike PEMPHREDO – thinker DEINO – terror Tricked by PERSEUS
  10. 10. NEMEAN LION Child of ECHIDNA &the GIANT TYPHON,who were Titans Terrorized the countrysideof Nemea, eating the animalsthat were raised for food The first labor of HERACLESwas to defeat this lion
  11. 11. MINOTAUR Monstrous offspring ofthe queen of Crete Body of a human, head of a bull Ate humans Imprisoned in a labryinth by MINOS,king of Crete Defeated by THESEUS
  12. 12. CHARYBDIS & SCYLLACHARYBDIS was anil woman who robbed travelers EUS turned her into a terrible sea monsterDrowned sailors and capsized ships Between Scylla and Charybdis creating a giant whirlpool in the seaAcross the strait was SCYLLA, a six-headedonster , who also threatened passing sailorsODYSSEUS had to sail between them his trip home
  13. 13. HARPIES• Smelly bird-like creatures• Face of woman, deadly claws• Terrorized King Phineas• Defeated by Jason