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Swatch Creative Strategy


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Published in: Marketing, Business, Lifestyle
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Swatch Creative Strategy

  1. 1. Swatch! Creative Strategy! Nailya Maxyutova & Julia Heavey! CM417 A1 Edward Boches! November 2013!
  2. 2. Background! Swatch is an original brand of a!ordable, Swiss made, plastic watches." •  " •  •  •  "Swatch" is a contraction of "Second Watch" – a new concept of watches as casual, fun, and relatively disposable accessories. " Inspired by fashion statements and pop-culture icons." They feature witty, outlandish designs that use intense colors and are youthful, provocative, stylish, and unpredictable"
  3. 3. Challenge Encountered! Many consumers are currently unaware that the brand can adapt to rapidly changing fashion. " " The brand faces competition from both digital and accessory watches. " " Multifunctional devices like phones or tablets replace the main function of traditional watches. Introduction of smart watches threatens the market situation even more. " "
  4. 4. Target Audience! !  Young students or professionals, aged 18-25" !  Urban, youthful, provocative, stylish, adventurous and passionate" !  Trend setters: enjoy novelty" !  Creators of culture around them " !  Possess di!erent passions and interests"
  5. 5. Sam! !  23 years old, moved to New York City" !  Plays in music band " !  Follows fashion bloggers on Pinterest " !  Prefers dining out to cooking" !  Hobbies" ◆  Traveling" ◆  Exploring night life"
  6. 6. Sara! !  22 years old" !  Lives in LA" !  Writes blog about traveling, fashion and food " !  Likes thrift-shopping" !  Enjoys sharing her experience on various social networks"
  7. 7. Core Message! •  Match your style to your mood. " •  Swatch is the best choice of watch brand for customers who seek quality purchases and who value versatility in their style. " •  Swatch’s brand personality and quality make it a fashionable product that can be personalized."
  8. 8. Ideas Explored# Direction 1
  9. 9. Ideas Explored" Direction 2"
  10. 10. Ideas Explored" Direction 3"
  11. 11. Final Recommendation: TV!
  12. 12. Body Copy: TV! Reinvent yourself" Your lifestyle," Your look today," Your look tomorrow." " Tomorrow’s outlook results from today’s opportunities." Use every moment to demonstrate your uniqueness. " Seize the moment with watches designed to reinvent.! Swatch. !
  13. 13. Final Recommendation: TV!
  14. 14. Body Copy: TV! Evolve your look" Every day " From day" To night" From casual" To classy" To chic." You can have it all with watches designed to evolve. " Catch your moment. Swatch. ! " "
  15. 15. Final Recommendation: Print!
  16. 16. Final Recommendation: Print!
  17. 17. In-Store! Kiosks would be installed in Swatch retail stores, inviting customers to use an interactive app to upload their pictures and match watch models to their personal styles. " " Final look will be superimposed into digital ad. Participants will have the option to submit their look for the chance to be on Swatch’s next TV commercial as well as discounts towards future purchases for participating. " " Best top 20 looks, broken down by 10 guys, 10 girls, will appear in TV spot and winners will receive a free watch of their choice. "
  18. 18. Thank you!!