Dulux: The Surf Club Project


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Dulux: The Surf Club Project

  1. 1. Dulux The Surf Club Project Julia Heavey 22 April 2013
  2. 2. Background • Dulux is an internationally recognized leader of highquality paint products, founded in 1918. • Purpose – “At DuluxGroup we help our consumers to imagine and create better places and spaces in which to live and work. We do this by applying knowledge, quality, innovation and inspiration” • Brand mascot – Old English Sheepdog first introduced to campaign in 1961 • Brand slogan – “Worth doing, worth Dulux.”
  3. 3. Campaign Context • Dulux sought to emphasize the quality and toughness of their outdoor paint, Weathershield, through the Surf Club Project and partnership with Surf Life Saving Australia. • The Surf Club Project aimed to help protect some of the country’s most important buildings from Australia’s harsh weather conditions, by donating money towards a “repaint” for every surf club in the country over the next three years. – Shows that Dulux supports the community and the people who protect it – Started in Dec. 2011; continued until all 315 clubs are painted. • Unique approach; brand exudes confidence with risky campaign.
  4. 4. Positioning • To today’s homeowners, Dulux is the leading brand of paint manufacturer that offers long-lasting products and understands the effect of harsh Australian conditions on coastal establishments. • TCB Model: – Target customer: Individual, male or female, looking to better the beach community. – Category need: Customers need to protect their homes and workplaces from UV damage, mold, and all types of extreme weather conditions. They want a solution that is made to last. – Key benefit: With DuluxWeathershield, customers receive peace-of-mind that their home or place of work will withstand any harsh conditions. • I-D-U Benefit Analysis – DuluxWeathershield is ensured to withstand any tough weather conditions and protect Australia’s most important infrastructures.
  5. 5. Competitors High Acclaim DULUX WATTYL Market Share Above 40% Market Share Below 40% TAUBMAN’S Low Acclaim Dulux is currently the #1 largest brand in architectural and decorative paints in the industry, with Wattyl coming in second. Dulux faces competition from several other exterior paint brands who claim to do the same thing (produce paint that will endure Australian climate) and have similar qualities, but still dominates over 40% of the market.
  6. 6. Target Audience • Primary audience: – Demographic • Surf Club administrators, local council members • Males & females, ages 30-55 • Live or work near coastal areas of Australia – Psychographic • Interested in preserving surf clubs and its members • Interested in community affairs • Secondary audience: – Demographic • First, second, and third homeowners, male and female, ages 25-60 • Live on the Australian coastline – Psychographic • Enjoy fixing up their houses, care about the aesthetic appeal of their homes • "Surf life saving clubs sit on some of the most exposed coastline in Australia and as a patrolling surf lifesaver I've witnessed the severe impact harsh Australian weather has on our clubs. The partnership with Dulux will breathe new life into surf life saving clubs to preserve these vitally important buildings for the next generation," said Surf Life Saving Australia President Graham Ford.
  7. 7. Tone &Executional Tactics • Dulux uses a friendly, appealing tone in their ads to talk about something that is rather serious and important to Australian life. • The integrated campaign was meant to highlight the importance of Surf & Rescue clubs and the work that they do. • Surf Club Project site was created to track the progress of the repaint initiative, including ways for anyone to help out and share their stories. • • Photo-contests Video profiles for painted surf clubs • Results - 1/3 of Australian surf clubs signed up for a repaint immediately after the campaign launch. - DuluxFacebook fan base doubled - Sales of Weathershield paint increased by 36%
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