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jopenmetaverse	   Moving	  to	  3D	  Web	                Jitendra	  Chauhan	  Email:	  
What	  is	  JOpenMetaverse?	  •  A	  library	  to	  interact	  with	  3d	  virtual	  world	     simulators	  (ex.	  OpenSi...
Why	  JOpenMetaverse?	  •  There	  are	  three	  main	  reasons	  to	  develop	     JOpenMetaverse:	      –  There	  are	 ...
Goals	                 Android	                 JOMV	  Desktop	                    HTML5	  
JopenMetaverse	             (a	  collecKon	  of	  libraries)	  jomv-­‐android	  	      testclientjomv	  	      jomv-­‐jcli...
JopenMetaverse	                               (Contd.)	  Library	                  Descrip9on	  jopenmetaverse	           ...
Architecture	                                    (Layered)	  Desktop	  based	  OpenSim	               Android	  based	  Op...
Architecture	                                                     (Modules)	  Desktop	  based	  OpenSim	                  ...
Architecture	                            (Project	  Wise)	  Desktop	  based	           Android	  based	      Jomv-­‐androi...
Features	  •  ConnecKon	      –  Login	  in	  to	  OpenSim	  Simulator	      –  Baking	  the	  Appearance	  (Wearing	  Pan...
Design	  PaHerns	  •  Following	  are	  the	  main	  design	  paHern	  used	     while	  developing	  the	  library:	     ...
Current	  Challenges	  •  3D	  Rendering	  for	  Desktop	  Clients	        –  OpenGL	  based	  rendering	  of	  PrimiKves	...
Thank	  You	  •  Please	  post	  your	  quesKons	     –  Email:	     –  Follow	  on	  TwiHer:...
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Jopenmeraverse introduction


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Jopenmetaverse is a pure java implementation of client of 3D Virtual World Simulator called OpenSim.

You can get the source code from

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Jopenmeraverse introduction

  1. 1. jopenmetaverse   Moving  to  3D  Web   Jitendra  Chauhan  Email:  
  2. 2. What  is  JOpenMetaverse?  •  A  library  to  interact  with  3d  virtual  world   simulators  (ex.  OpenSim).  •  Completely  wriHen  in  Java.  •  The  core  library  implements:   –  Simulator  Protocol  (Protocol  connecKng  to  OpenSim)   –  Networking  (based  on  HTTP  and  UDP)   –  Imaging  (Jpeg2000,  TGA  Images)   –  Android  SDK  CompaKble   –  3D  Rendering  (Currently  being  Developed)  
  3. 3. Why  JOpenMetaverse?  •  There  are  three  main  reasons  to  develop   JOpenMetaverse:   –  There  are  similar  libraries  wriHen  in  c#  and  c/c++,   however  there  is  no  such  library  in  Java.   –  There  is  no  similar  library  for  Android.   –  There  is  no  similar  library  for  Html5  /  WebGL   JOpenMetaverse  is  a  small  gi1  to  Java  Lovers!!!  
  4. 4. Goals   Android   JOMV  Desktop   HTML5  
  5. 5. JopenMetaverse   (a  collecKon  of  libraries)  jomv-­‐android     testclientjomv     jomv-­‐jclient     jopenmetaverse   jj2000-­‐android     jai_imageio    
  6. 6. JopenMetaverse   (Contd.)  Library   Descrip9on  jopenmetaverse   A  pla`orm  independent  core  library   implemenKng  Networking,  Protocol,   PrimiKve  Meshing  etc.  Jj2000-­‐android   Android  compaKble  jpeg2000  encoder   and  decoder.  Jai_imageio   Desktop  Java  based  Jpeg2000  image   encoder  and  decoder.  (not  compaKble   with  android).  Jomv-­‐android   Android  based  client  to  interact  with   OpenSim  Testclientjomv     Sample  client  to  interact  with  OpenSim  
  7. 7. Architecture   (Layered)  Desktop  based  OpenSim   Android  based  OpenSim   Client   Client   Simulator  Layer   Protocol  Layer   Resource  Layer   Pla`orm  Specific  Libraries  
  8. 8. Architecture   (Modules)  Desktop  based  OpenSim   Android  based  OpenSim   Client   Client   Invent AppearAsset   Object   Terrain   Avatar   Sound   Grid   ory   ance  Mgmt   Mgmt   Mgmt   Mgmt   Mgmt   Mgmt   Mgmt   Mgmt   Simulator     Event     Asset   Texture   Protocol   Mgmt    Caching   Pipeline   HTTP   Threading   Imaging   TCP   SynchronizaKon   3D  Rendering   UDP   File  I/O   Sound   Pla`orm  Specific  Libraries  
  9. 9. Architecture   (Project  Wise)  Desktop  based   Android  based   Jomv-­‐android   Testclientjomv    OpenSim  Client   OpenSim  Client   Jomv-­‐client   Simulator  Layer   jopenmetamerse   Protocol  Layer   Resource  Layer   jj2000-­‐android   Pla`orm  Specific  Libraries   jai-­‐imageio  
  10. 10. Features  •  ConnecKon   –  Login  in  to  OpenSim  Simulator   –  Baking  the  Appearance  (Wearing  Pants,  shirts  etc)  •  Avatars   –  Walking,  Flying,  Chaeng,  Friends  Making,  TeleporKng  •  Objects  (PrimiKves)   –  Searching  Inworld  PrimiKves   –  Create  /  Read  /  Update  /  Delete  PrimiKves  •  3D  Rendering   –  Baking  Terrain   –  PrimiKve  Meshing   –  PrimiKve  Rendering  
  11. 11. Design  PaHerns  •  Following  are  the  main  design  paHern  used   while  developing  the  library:   –  Observable  PaHern   –  Inversion  of  Control  (IoC)   –  Thread  Pooling   –  Assets  Caching  
  12. 12. Current  Challenges  •  3D  Rendering  for  Desktop  Clients   –  OpenGL  based  rendering  of  PrimiKves   –  OpenGL  Based  rendering  of  Avatars   –  AnimaKons   –  Touch  and  Interact  with  Inworld  Objects  •  InWorld  Sound  •  3D  Rendering  for  Android  Client  •  Memory  OpKmizaKons  •  CPU  OpKmizaKons  
  13. 13. Thank  You  •  Please  post  your  quesKons   –  Email:   –  Follow  on  TwiHer:  jitendrachauhan   –  LinkedIn:   hHp://   –  Join  Group  on  FB:  hHps:// groups/405745456164852/