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Over the past five decades, we have evolved beyond our core capability—annual report design and production—to meet the challenges of a continually changing environment.

Our ongoing evolution translates into greater creative capacity, enhanced design capabilities, cutting-edge technology and better service for you.

With design studios in New York, Florida, California and Chicago, and account executives across the country, we continue to offer an unparalleled range of talent, coupled with knowledgeable local representation, to create enduring connections for our clients.

With a full suite of design services, from advertising and marketing to interactive media and corporate literature, Curran & Connors provides our clients with tailored solutions that achieve their communications goals.

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Curran & Connors CSR Presentation

  1. 1. Corporate Social Responsibility WHAT MATTERS MOST Alcohol Responsibility Environmental Moving Energy with Integrity Sustainability Sustainable Supply Chain People and Community Investment Ethics and Transparency People and Community Investment Creating a Great Place to Work Our ambition is to create a workplace that employees embrace and other companies view as a model worth following. That’s why we set a 2015 goal to earn recognition as one of the FORTUNE 100 Best Companies to Work For. At MillerCoors, our investment in our people starts with building a world-class safety culture. In October, we brought together 140 union and hourly employees and management team members from all manufacturing locations for a safety culture summit, to report on their progress and enhance their skills. Coors Distributing Company became the nation’s first beer distributor to be recognized for its health and safety programs by the prestigious Voluntary Protection Program of the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration. MillerCoors invests in the professional development of its employees by providing training and financial support for continuing education. Our MillerCoors University hosted more than 7,000 students in 2010 for approximately 173,000 training hours. Our commitment to training led to development of a new, state-of-the-art learning facility for MillerCoors University. We provided more than $630,000 in tuition reimbursement to more than 200 employees during the year. To help our employees determine which professional development opportunities are right for them, we created a guide called “The Best of You: A Meaningful Development Guide.” Workplace & Marketplace: Diversity and Inclusion at MillerCoors Health, Safety and Environmental Report 2010 Success the Diversity and inclusion are at the top of the list of defining qualities we strive to enhance. Our marketplace, the U.S. economy, and the con- sumer population of the country are changing. All of them are becom- right way. ing more diverse. MillerCoors is also becoming more diverse. Our people work, live, and volunteer in both rural and urban communities. Many identify countries outside of the U.S. as their home. Some are members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community. Some are war veterans. They all represent MillerCoors. Yet having a diverse group of employees and managers is not enough. Our goal is to ensure that every employee can confidently contribute their best. That includes their view- points and experiences. When employees leverage their work, commu- MillerCoors experiences to provide business solutions, everyone wins. nity, and life Sustainable Development Review 2011 PO Box 4030 Golden, CO 80401 3939 W. Highland Blvd. Milwaukee, WI 53208 250 S. Wacker Dr. Chicago, IL 60606 2011 Sustainability Report
  2. 2. The Communications Design FirmFrom annual reports and interactive media to advertising& marketing, for 46 years Curran & Connors has helpedorganizations tell their stories in ways that inform, intrigueand inspire key audiences.As an Organizational Stakeholder for the Global ReportingInitiative, Curran & Connors has helped our clientscommunicate their sustainability goals and strategy toaudiences of all types: employees, investors, stakeholders,supply chains, regulatory and government agencies.
  3. 3. National Footprint Headquarters Design/Client Service: Hauppauge, NYDesign/Client Service: Design/Client Service:San Francisco, CA Chicago, IL Design/Client Service: Ft. Lauderdale, FL16 locations4 design studios Sales Office70+ person team Client Service Office Design Studio Sales Office Sales Office Design Studio Design Studio/Sales Office Design Studio Client Service Office Design Studio Design Studio/Client Service Office Corporate Headquarters
  4. 4. Our Best-of-Breed Approach creative Project content Quality services Management development AssuranceTeam SynergyCre ative Services Projec t Management content development Qualit y Assur anceDesigners translate your Dedicated account executives We have strategic partnerships In-house production specialistscommunications objective and oversee your project from with experienced sustainability including Web developers,message into programs that beginning to end, making sure thought-leaders that allow us retouchers, typesetters andconnect with stakeholders. it’s delivered on time, within to provide turnkey solutions proofreaders ensure that every budget and achieves your goal. to meet our clients’ many detail of a program is covered. challenges.
  5. 5. Communications Design SolutionsIn a continuously changing environment, you need clear and consistent visualcommunications to break through. Curran & Connors creates a wide range ofsolutions to communicate your story and connect with your audiences. ar web id ad mktAnnual Reports Interactive Media Brand Identity Advertising MarketingTraditional Web Sites Positioning Targeting Corporate LiteratureSummary Online Annual Logo Design Creative Reports Development Direct Mail10-K Wrap Visual Identity Content Media Planning TradeshowCorporate Brand Standards Management BoothsResponsibility Media Buying Integration Flash PowerPointDonor Campaign Naming Presentations Video ImplementationCommunity Event Materials e-Marketing Magazines
  6. 6. arAnnual ReportsTraditional :: 10-K Wrap :: Summary :: Integrated ® BUILDING LOYALTY Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. FOSTERING GROWTH 2011 Annual Report 2011 ANNUAL REPORTWe design and produce annual reports that effectively connectwith stakeholders and build trust for our clients.
  7. 7. ar webOnline Annual ReportsHTML :: Flash :: VideoThe online annual report utilizes interactive technology,centered on user experience, to communicate with theinvestment community.
  8. 8. web mktInteractive MediaWeb Sites :: PowerPoint :: Video :: e-MarketingWe combine our award-winning design capability within-house technical expertise to deliver Web solutions thatare intuitive, functional and effective.
  9. 9. ar webCorporate Responsibility ReportsOnline :: Summary :: Sustainable Printing :: “One” Reports WHAT MATTERS MOST 2011 Sustainability ReportWe carefully tailor messages that communicate the corporateresponsibility goals and achievements of our clients.
  10. 10. CSR: trends and statistics Nearly Two-Thirds of 3,400 Leading Companies Worldwide Report on Corporate Responsibility. 80 30 70 64% 25 60 53% 20 50 41% 40 Percent of leading 15 30 companies reporting on CR 10 20 5 10 0 2005 2008 2011 Source: KPMG International Survey of Corporate Responsibility Reporting 2011.100 95% Sample consists of 3,400 leading companies worldwide, including the 250 largest companies globally and the 100 largest companies in each of 34 countries. Disclosure sources are limited to corporate responsibility/sustainability reports, company Web sites and annual financial reports only.
  11. 11. 41% 40 150 30 CSR: trends and statistics 100 20 50 10 0 0 Corporate Responsibility Reporting 2005 2008 2011 Is Almost Universal Among the 250100 Largest Global Companies. 95% 83% 80 64% 60 Percent of THE 250 largest 40 companies worldwide reporting on CR 20 0 2005 2008 2011 Source: KPMG International Survey of Corporate Responsibility Reporting 2011.
  12. 12. CSR: trends and statisticsThe Number of U.S. CompaniesProducing GRI Sustainability ReportsGrew Nearly 46 Percent Last Year. 273 187 Number of U.S. Companies Producing 141 119 GRI Sustainability Reports 74 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011An additional 72 U.S. companies produced GRI-referenced and non-GRI sustainability reports.Source: Governance & Accountability Institute, Inc. database as of 6/19/12. 21%
  13. 13. 141 119 CSR: trends and statistics 74 Integrated Reporting Is Slowly2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 Becoming More Popular.25 21%2015 13% PERCENT of companies10 worldwide producing integrated reports 5 0 2010 2011 Source: Governance & Accountability Institute, Inc. database as of 2/1/2012.
  14. 14. CSR: trends and statisticsOnly 20 Percent of North American Reports WereExternally Assured in 2011, Compared to 52 Percentin Europe. Percent of 2011 North american 20% 80% Sustainability Reports Assured Externally Not Assured AssuredSource: Governance & Accountability Institute, Inc. database as of 2/1/2012.
  15. 15. case study: cooper industries Since its inaugural corporate responsibility report in 2009, Cooper Industries has trusted Curran & Connors to design a communications tool that demonstrates the company’s commitment to “Cooper’s Principles and Core Values.” Cooper self-declared this year’s effort as a GRI C-level report. Innovation Cooper understands that customers are becoming increasingly more interested in inform about the environmental impact of products they purchase. The LCA tool provides an opp to consider the entire product life cycle, so customers can make sustainable purchas decisions. LCAs of Cooper products are available to customers through product literatur A A on the Cooper Safety France website at Cooper is considerin G G Case Study C C application for other product lines and plans to extend the use of this tool beyond the C Empowering the Smart Grid Cooper Power Systems has been creating equipment D D F F Safety facility. Other companies are also using this LCA tool, making it easier for custom for the electric utility industry since the days of Thomas Edison. Today, the Company’s products empower H compare products from different suppliers. H the Smart Grid, improving efficiency, reliability and B A B A I I productivity of the next generation of the electric grid through optimization and automation.* E E A. Cooper Power Systems helps develop collection the electrical transmission and distribution system. These solutions help utilities reinvent their energy generation that addresses both power generation and system solutions that connect, transform and protect renewable energy as it travels through the One green switchgear unit eliminates the use of roughly 30 pounds of SF6, or 330 metric tons of CO2. delivery systems by applying new perspectives to an aging grid. Using Cooper Power Systems’ innovative renewable energy challenges, and they can improve power reliability and quality, which lessens vulnerability Manufacturing Distribution Life Cycle electric grid. B. Voltage and volt-amperes reactive management F. Transformers are occasionally damaged by storms and accidents or simply fail due to age. Based upon Smart Grid solutions, utilities can engage consumers through smart meters and the supporting advanced to natural disasters by restoring power rapidly and efficiently when unexpected events occur. Life Cycle solutions address electricity losses that occur as electricity moves through the distribution system. Cooper’s analysis of data collected from various state environmental and pollution control agencies, metering infrastructure that allow consumers to adjust energy consumption based on real-time pricing For more information about Cooper Power Systems, visit impact to t Through products such as the Cooper Power Systems Capacitor Bank Control, utilities can save up to this can often result in hundreds of thousands of gallons of oil spilled each year. Using Cooper Power information. Utilities can better implement distributed entire prod 2.57 million kilowatt-hours (kWh) per year and prevent 1,846 metric tons of carbon dioxide (CO 2 ) Systems biodegradable, soy-based Envirotemp FR3 dielectric fluid in distribution transformers is safer American Electric Power Employs Yukon Feeder Automation Software material ex through tra American Electric Power (AEP)—owner of the nation’s largest electric transmission system, nearly 39,000 miles emissions from escaping into the atmosphere. for customers and the environment. of 765-kilovolt extra-high voltage transmission—installed Cooper’s Yukon Feeder Automation software as a core C. Cooper Power Systems brings intelligence to the G. Every day, power is lost as electricity passes through component of its Smart Grid deployment. “It (Yukon Feeder Automation software) will improve grid reliability by electric grid by linking distribution equipment and the distribution transformers. By converting to the detecting disturbances and automatically reconfiguring the system to isolate problems,” Thomas F. Weaver III, PE, utility control center through its Yukon Automation Cooper Power Systems high-efficiency distribution manager of grid management deployment at AEP, said. “This will help minimize the total number of customers software, simplifying systemwide automation to transformers, an average utility can save as much impacted by a potential power outage. The partnering of Cooper Power Systems and AEP engineers to work through enable more efficient and reliable energy delivery. as 3.3 million kWh in energy losses, reducing CO2 the learning curve of this first install on the AEP system was key to successfully putting this new technology in Environmental Stewardship For instance, the Company’s feeder reconfiguration emissions by 2,400 metric tons. service on time and on budget.” systems are equipped for two-way communication As a dynamic, self-healing distribution automation solution, Yukon Feeder Automation software accommodates H. Simple steps can all add up. An average utility can Use that senses activity on the grid, relays the status the addition or removal of devices and integrates compatibly into existing supervisory control and data acquisition Raw Material prevent roughly 28,000 kWh of system inefficiencies to a decision-support application and directs the by using the Cooper Power Systems Evolution (SCADA) and distribution management systems. It allows operators to control intelligent electronic devices, enable Extraction response to automatically adjust the grid accordingly. and disable automation, and view a comprehensive dashboard of the current state of the system. Yukon Feeder Arrester. The ultra-low wattage loss design can D. The Company’s high-efficiency step voltage regulators contribute to reductions of CO 2 emissions by Automation software works with multiple communication media for easy upgrading as new technologies emerge. result in annual energy savings as high as 20.2 metric tons. It facilitates testing through the Yukon Feeder Automation Simulator, maintains a complete log of device operation 160,000 kWh, mitigating roughly 115 metric tons of and status changes for post-event traceability, and reduces system cost. This energy automation software maximizes I. Implementing the Cooper Power Systems demand- customer satisfaction through service restoration to the most customers in seconds when an outage occurs, CO2 emissions. response solution on as few as 8,000 home air avoiding penalties for extended outages. E. Sulfur hexafluoride (SF6 )-free switchgear, available from conditioners can reduce annual system losses by Cooper Power Systems, prevents the incorporation 51,000 kWh, preventing 36.6 metric tons of CO 2 *Energy and emissions savings are based on estimates from typical utility equipment usage and system parameters. of one of the most potent greenhouse gases into emissions and saving roughly 6% of peak energy use. 20 21 End of Life Cooper Industries understands the importance of environmental stewardship and is committed to minimizing its environmental impact through sustainable design, responsible sourcing and innovative manufacturing of its products. Through its product portfolio, Cooper helps customers handle the challenges of higher energy costs, renewable energy generation and environmental preservation. This eco-friendly attitude extends to Cooper’s corporate culture. In addition to complying with environmental regulations, the Company trains its employees to make sound environmental decisions, minimizes waste and helps government agencies develop science-based environmental standards.
  16. 16. case study: international paper Echoing the design concepts of their 2011 annual report, the International Paper 2011 Sustainability Report designed by Curran & Connors highlights the company’s sustainability commitment in every aspect of their business and showcases its first set of voluntary global sustainability improvement goals by 2020. A separate Sustainability Overview brochure was also created. SUSTAINABILITY THROUGHOUT THE PAPER AND PACKAGING LIFE CYCLE (CONTINUED) E D U C AT I O N A L O U T R E AC H PRODUCT DESIGN • Our choice of materials Education—a giving focus area—promotes a better The design of our products can have significant impacts • By reducing thegenerations. materials used and world for future amount of In 2011, 33 percent of at every other stage of the life cycle. Our customers’ weight of the finished product our foundation giving went to environmental educa- THE IP WAY specifications dictate the raw materials we need to tion projects. source, the processes we use in manufacturing, and • By designing products with appropriate disposal by the way our products can be disposed of at end of the2011, we launched an educational be reused, with In customer in mind so they can partnership recy- PBS, a U.S. organization dedicated to content that cled or composted. life. The weight and size of our products, particularly educates, informs and inspires. This project helps packaging products, also affects distribution to our We are seeing increasing interest for our sustainability Our Vision: customers and onward transportation of their pack- prepare children for success in school and opens up credentials from customers (see customer satisfaction the world to them in an age-appropriate way, to provide aged products. To be one of the most respected and 13). Our focus on product environmental on pageenvironmental science resources for teachers of grades successful companies in the world to becoming part ofPaper created the PBS MEETING CUSTOMER NEEDS impacts is five. International meeting their needs. three I n t e r n at I o n a l Pa P e r Our design teams must, first and foremost, create website, EcoInvestigators, to provide teachers with CHOICE OF MATERIALS products that meet the needs of our customers. So lesson materials online, related resources and digital We look for opportunities to reduce the use of chemi- Our Mission: our office paper must be high quality, our corrugated content. Find out more at cals and petroleum-based ingredients in our products. EcoInvestigators. board must be rigid and strong to protect customers’ To improve the world, today and for generations For example, in France we use fewer chemicals in the products from damage, our food packaging must be manufacturing we also continued two national®educa- Among others, to come, by using renewable resources to process for our Rey Econature office hygienic, insulated and leak-proof, and the fluff pulp make paper, creating a unique ivory is National Geographic tional partnerships. The first color by not using optical we provide forproducts people depend on every Society’s agents. absorbent products must be reliable. day brightening Kids Explorer magazines, which are award- What winning environmental education and literacy magazines Matters Within this framework, we have opportunities to inno- 2 011 S u S ta I n a b I l I t y r e P o r t Many of our packaging products offer anacross the to provided to more than 36,000 students alternative Most Our Values: vate to reduce environmental impacts of our products. plastic packaging made from oil. For example, in 2011, U.S. in 2011. The second partnership is the Earth’s We can do this, where product specifications allow, weBirthday Project, which brings environmental education worked to create fiber-based alternatives to plastic through: Leadership—We uphold the highestbutterfly kitsstandards classrooms near International ethical to third trays and clamshells.grade Everest ® High Visibility Our Paper facilities. The kits allow students and teachers Results—We are passionate about results the life cycle of the Painted Lady Butterfly. to observe Responsibility—We are committed to sustaining our world L I F E C YC L E A S S E S S M EN T Life cycle assessments (LCAs) help us estimate the total environmental impacts of a particular type of product by analyzing impacts at every stage from raw material sourcing ➤ CASE STUDY: PREPARING BRAZILIAN TEENAGERS FOR THE WORKFORCE through manufacturing, use and Paper’s employees are dedicated and highly motivated, and they International end-of-life. International Paper contributes to industry-wide LCA studies on particular typesteam of 61,500 people treat each other with dignity and respect. We want our of products such as corrugated shippingviewing International Paper as a great place to work, so globally to continue containers, containerboard, printing and writing papers, and grocery providing were involved in theBrazil, International Paper partners with the Iochpe Foundation in the In we are committed In 2011, we a positive work environment in which diversity, early stages of two industry LCA studies that aim to compare the impacts Antônio and Mogi Guaçu regions—home to two of our mills—to assist Luis health and safety, and learning and development opportunities are paramount. of paper and plastic alternatives for containers and grocery bags. with educational and professional development for at-risk teenagers at the We want employees to have long, fulfilling careers with International Paper,offers specialized trade classes over ten months Formare School. The program and The Perfect In Europe, the Middle East and Africa, every year we calculate the carbonMaking people a priority helps we want that to continue throughout generations. students, giving them a valid certificate of technical education from theer, Everest, to demarks of footprint of each of our paper product categories, so that customers can us attract and retain the best talent, maintainingMinistry of Education. About 230 International Paper employees volunteered the strength of the company tewardship be given this information if they request it. We make the calculations usingC. PEFC and into the future. for this project throughout the year.and SFI are guidelines from the Confederation of European Paper Industries.Companies” One student, who is now an International Paper employee, commented: “The rganization, International Paper is a member of the Paper Profile initiative (www.paperprofile. volunteers helped me to get a broader view of my career, helping me define rvice marks com), which provides common metrics for declaring product environmentalom Fortune my career goals and to grow personally and professionally.” ot affiliated impacts across the industry, enabling customers to make informed product choices third-party based on sustainability information. Profiles are available for 10 International Paperd such third product categories manufactured in Brazil, France, Poland and Russia, such as uncoated free production 2011 Sustainability Report sheet paper and coated paperboard. These can be seen at EMEA/EN/Company/Sustainability/index.html. WHAT MATTERS MOST 2011 SUSTAINABILITY REPORT 37 WHAT MATTERS MOST 2011 SUSTAINABILITY REPORT 47 22 INTERNATIONAL PAPER
  17. 17. case study: southwest one report In 2011, Southwest Airlines once again illustrated their commitment to triple bottom-line performance by producing their award-winning One Report™. Partnering with CSR content experts Burns & McDonnell, who wrote the report and conducted the assurance review, Curran & Connors designed and developed the comprehensive online report in adherence with Global Reporting Initiative standards. Three Passions. ONE SOUTHWEST. 2011 By th OUR PERFORMANCE, OUR PEOPLE, AND OUR PLANET Numbers Three Passions. One Southwest. Our passion for our Performance, our People, and our Planet creates a Culture of consistent Performance, enthusiastic Employees, respected Customer Service, active community involvement, and environmentally responsible decisions. Our 2011 SOUTHWEST AIRLINES ONE REPORT™ steadfast commitment to this triple bottom line of Performance, People, and Planet continues to propel us forward as one Southwest.
  18. 18. Clients include many ofAmerica’s largest companies*Apollo Group, Inc. Molson Coors Brewing CompanyBemis Company, Inc. Pall CorporationCelgene Corporation Quest Diagnostics IncorporatedCharter Communications Roper IndustriesCooper Industries plc Safeway Inc.Coventry Health Care, Inc. SanDisk CorporationDell Inc. Sealed Air CorporationDeVry Inc. Southwest AirlinesFamily Dollar Spectrum Group International, Inc.H&R Block The Pantry, Inc.Hertz Global Holdings, Inc. WellPoint Inc.Huntsman Corporation Western Union CompanyInternational Paper Company Whirlpool CorporationLowes Companies, Inc. W.W. Grainger Inc.McCormick & Company, Inc. Wynn Resorts Ltd.Molex Incorporated*Clients listed above are ranked as S&P 500 and/or Fortune 500 companies. Boldface represents Corporate Social Responsibility clients.
  19. 19. For over four decades, Curran & Connors has evolvedto meet the challenges in a continually changing corporateenvironment. Our ongoing evolution translates into enhanceddesign capabilities, cutting-edge technology and better serviceto our clients. With design studios in New York, Chicago, Floridaand California, and account executives across the country, wecontinue to offer an unparalleled diversity of talent coupled withlocal representation to tell the unique stories of our clients.