AgileUX - Prototyping, Design Studio and Sketching


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AgileUX - Prototyping, Design Studio and Sketching

  1. 1. AgileUXAgile Prototyping, Workshops & Sketching Jean Claude GROSJEAN Agile Coach – Trainer Facilitator - UX Specialist / Twitter: @jcQualitystreet
  2. 2.  Opening Design Studio Approach Backlog Refinement Sketching: keys
  3. 3. Interface Design ? A crucial UX activity and now a KEY BUSINESS DIFFRENTIATOR Functionalities Interfaces Navigation InteractionsJesse James Garret’s Elements of User Experience
  4. 4. Doing Interface Design…in Agile JUST ENOUGH, JUST IN TIME… Quickly define the UI VISION: stable but opened and evolutive Then, add the context and go detailed
  5. 5. DESIGN STUDIO at the beginning Very Collaborative To explore and define the UI Vision Agenda : Opening + 3 Iterations
  6. 6. Sketching solo: 8 min
  7. 7. Sketching solo 8 min
  8. 8. Sketching solo
  9. 9. Pitch it! : 3 min + 2 min
  10. 10. DESIGN STUDIO Then Remix and start the second iteration…Finish with team Design (Iteration 3)
  11. 11. DESIGN STUDIO: Benefits COLLECTIVE et COLLABORATIVE (all the Team with PO, UX…) Agile Mindset Team Building A large number of design options in a short time Diversity and innovation Problem - solving Engagement (decision process)
  12. 12. WORSHOPS and BACKLOG REFINEMENT: each sprint Giving meaning and adding context to USER STORIES A collaboration booster! An example
  13. 13. Output!
  14. 14. Refinement in action !
  15. 15. BACKLOG REFINEMENT: Benefits All the TEAM with PO Agile mindset Highly collaborative Fluidity Be Ready for Sprint n+1 Anticipate Sprint n+2; +3 Can integrate Design Studio in the the Agenda (Specific problem Solving)
  16. 16. SKETCHING : the KEYS IT IS EVERYONE’S BUSINESS! Divergence / Convergence Generic / Détailed IT IS DESIGN (not drawing*) A question of practice (Skecthbook) Collect your sources of inspiration
  17. 17. SKETCHING : Keys Just think lines…. Enrich with annoted Storyboards Forget the TOOL: Paper and whiteboard are enough (even if Balsamiq is a good option)
  18. 18. SKETCHING… Simplicity and FUN Capturing a certain reality My daughter Eva 7 years old - * when you’re a child, it’s still drawing 
  19. 19. Thanks !