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Pam Maness Going Away


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Colleagues celebrate the nearly 20 year career of nurse extraordinaire Pam Maness at JCFS' Therapeutic Day School. But, she won't go far, and will stay connected as a consultant to the school.

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Pam Maness Going Away

  1. 1. Margaret plans a great party to say farewell to Pam.
  2. 2. Anette and Elizabeth come to wish Pam good luck in her new adventure.
  3. 3. Rabbi Mary Balke peeks at Rabbi Rosenberg’s answers to the “Do You Know Pam”trivia game…
  4. 4. Thomas and the team from Residential laugh at new secrets they learn about Pamduring the “Do You Know Pam Trivia Game.
  5. 5. Terry smiles with friends after enjoying the yummy cake and ice cream.
  6. 6. Troy, Corey and Angel relax and enjoy the festivities.