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JCFS Annual Meeting 2013

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  1. 1. New Board Member Neil Posner speaks with Dana Rhodes from JCFS Development
  2. 2. Musician Josh Berman (and coincidentally new intern at the Virginia Frank Child Development Center) entertains guests at the reception.
  3. 3. 35 Year Tenure Award Honoree Ed Reed looks for his nametag so he can begin eating and mingling at the reception
  4. 4. Some amazing artwork created by the students at our Therapeutic Day School under the guidance of art teacher LeJean Easley
  5. 5. New Board Member Susan Duman (and co-chair of the October 30 Strictly Business event), with Jan Kaufman and Fran Becker
  6. 6. Angel Williams’ (l) family joins her to celebrate her honor as the winner of the Ken Jacobson Award for Professional Excellence
  7. 7. Guests of the Annual Meeting mingling at the reception. Not pictured: the 90 degree heat!
  8. 8. Sabrina Townsend, winner of a Robert B. Bloom Recognition & Excellence Award
  9. 9. Howard Sitron with Lynn and (Board Member) Toby Bernstein
  10. 10. Deb Sitron and Margaret Vimont
  11. 11. Wendy Guyer, Robert B. Bloom winner and Charlotte Mallon
  12. 12. Denise Dell Isola and Phyllis Glink of the Irving Harris Foundation, with Howard Sitron and others from the foundation.
  13. 13. Guest speaker and best-selling author David Finch with Board President Debra Levin
  14. 14. Something made Board Members Martha Glass, Marci Friedman and Linda Kellough laugh!
  15. 15. And now on a more serious note…Board Members Martha Glass, Marci Friedman and Linda Kellough
  16. 16. Amy Dordek Dolinsky (r) tells friends of her new role as Board Member.
  17. 17. Phyllis Glink, Kimberly Wright and Denise Dell Isola from the Irving Harris Foundation
  18. 18. Deanna Shoss and guest speaker David Finch
  19. 19. Pam Szokol brought greetings from the Jewish United Fund/Jewish Federation.
  20. 20. Shari Miller helps Robin Levine celebrate her 30 year tenure award
  21. 21. David Finch, diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome as an adult, shares his lessons learned and secrets to having a successful marriage
  22. 22. David Finch on marriage, being a father and Spongebob Squarepants
  23. 23. Howard Sitron and Debra Levin listen on to guest speaker David Finch
  24. 24. Angel Williams was the recipient of the Ken Jacobson Award for Professional Excellence. Congrats!
  25. 25. Angel Williams cheeses for the camera after winning her award
  26. 26. Julia Kaminski, winner of the Director’s Award for Distinguished Service, and Margaret Vimont listen on as Howard describes Julia’s passion for and commitment to JCFS
  27. 27. Julia Kaminski’s official fan club celebrates her Director’s Award for Distinguished Service