Kurt Cobain Murder


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This was a ppt designed by my son Patrick for school.

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Kurt Cobain Murder

  1. 1. The Murder By: Patrick Fallon
  2. 2. The "Suicide" of Kurt Cobain - I chose this topic because I have always felt that Kurt Cobain was wrongfully said to have committed suicide and because I have a great interest in a band as great as Nirvana. -I feel that rather than committing suicide, as it was publicized, Kurt Cobain fell victim to a well planned and sought out murder conspiracy.
  3. 3. Questions I feel that Kurt Cobain was murdered but my question is how, by whom and what could have been their motive to kill. I have found many sources supporting my hypothesis and many clues leading me to believe that what I think is in fact true. Throughout my presentation I will give numerous reasons to support that Kurt Cobain was indeed murdered…
  4. 4. Kurt, at the time he was found, had over three times the lethal 225 mgs. Dose of heroin in his blood system and intravenous puncture wounds on both arms. This large amount, especially times three, when injected directly into a blood stream, will leave a person incapitated and cause them to lapse into a coma with in seconds, if not kill them instantly before the needle can be removed from the arm. Reason One: Heroin It is common for deaths of heroin overdoses to be found with the needle still sticking out of the arm. That is how quickly one dose can kill a person, let alone three.
  5. 5. Reason One Cont. It is hard to believe that it is possible to inject an insane triple lethal dose of heroin, pull the needle away and out of the arm, carefully put away the needle and heroin paraphernalia neatly into a cigar box a few feet away, roll down and button sleeves, then pick up a shotgun, place it in your mouth and fire it. That is completely unreasonable and medically impossible. The drug diazepam, also known as valium, was also found in Kurt’s blood system. This drug is known to aggravate heroin and make an overdose much worse. Now who would Cobain shoot himself AFTER taking a triple lethal dose, which clearly would have been more than enough to cause death instantly? A triple overdose, followed by shooting yourself not only doesn’t make sense, but it is impossible according to medical experts. Canadian chemist Roger Lewis read the Cobain autopsy report. He said that in his studies that many “drug related suicides” are just cleverly staged cover ups for murder.
  6. 6. Reason Two: Lack of Finger Prints According to police reports, there were no “legible” fingerprints on the shotgun. This lead many people to believe that this may indicate that the gun had been whipped or cleaned. There were also no finger prints on other key objects. Such as, the pen used to write the “suicide” letter or on the box of shotgun shells that was next to Kurt. How is it possible to write a “suicide” letter, load up a shot gun with three shells, and shoot yourself without leaving any fingerprints on anything what-so-ever?
  7. 7. Reason Two Cont. There were also no markings on Cobain’s Hands that would suggest that he had shot the gun. There was no soot or gunpowder what-so-ever on, near, or around Cobain. Note: The media blew the whole, Kurt having his head “blown off” our of proportion. His head was completely intact. The gun he had (a Remington Model 11 Shotgun) is a very light shotgun that dealers recommend for home protection because the shot wont penetrate walls and endanger those on the other side.
  8. 8. Reason Three: Business in Los Angeles? Courtney was in L.A. during the week leading up to Kurt’s death. She was asked and told numerous times to fly home and try to locate her “suicidal” husband who had left rehab and was currently missing. She just claimed that she had “business to attend to.” Tom Grant, a private investigator, mentioned this so called “business” that Courtney had in L.A. to Rosemary Carroll, a lawyer. She said that Courtney didn’t have any business what-so-ever in L.A. This just shows that Courtney had no real concern for her husband, even after she kept calling him suicidal.
  9. 9. Reason Three Cont. Courtney Posed and called herself in on a fake O.D. claim while in L.A. This is believed to b and attempt to establish and alibi right before Kurt was found. After the police found out her call was fake they promptly arrested her.
  10. 10. Reason Four: A Secret Second Note? Courtney Produced a never-before seen second note to Seattle police, which she claims Kurt wrote during his “first suicide attempt” in Rome. Later, a piece of paper was found in Courtney’s book bag that was used to practice writing in Kurt’s handwriting. -Kurt w/ baby daughter Frances
  11. 11. Reason Five: The Rome Incident On March 4 th 1994 in Rome, Kurt was planning on leaving Courtney and the tour that he was on. Kurt was suddenly hospitalized with both Rohypnol and alcohol in his system. Kurt did not take Rohypnol and he did not drink alcohol at all. So, who would they be in his system? Many people think that in Rome, Courtney tried, for the first time, to kill Kurt. Kurt swears that this was no suicide attempt even though that is what Courtney claims. Dr. Galletta, who treated Kurt in Rome, agreed that it was just an accident. Kurt also said that he could not remember a thing and did not know how he went into a coma.
  12. 12. Reason Five Cont. Rohypnol is known as the “date rape” drug because it is odorless and tasteless and easily dissolves in liquid and induces amnesia when abused. This would make it easy for Courtney to drug him. Courtney had a prescription for the Rohypnol and was reportedly popping them during an interview. Empty containers of Rohypnol were found by Tom Grant in Kurt’s house on April 7 th with Courtney's name on them.
  13. 13. Reason Six: Money for Murder? Note: Eldon Hoke, A.K.A. El Duce, was the singer of the band called The Mentors. Eldon claims that he was offered $50,000 by Courtney to kill Kurt. He was given a professional lie test and had a 99.7% chance that he was telling the truth. A few days after Duce made it public about what Courtney had asked him he was mysteriously found dead on some train tracks. El Duce bad been talking to some friends and brought along someone with him that he had just met. They told the friends that they are going to buy liquor. They never return. Soon after, El Duce is found dead, (supposedly a suicide). The mysterious person he was with was never found or heard from again. Note: Duce’s friends knew that the best way to befriend him was to offer him a drink, so the situation is obvious.
  14. 14. Reason Seven: A Cancelled Credit Card and Flat Tires This is evidence that circumstances were manipulated to prevent Kurt from using his own car and gaining access to his own money in the days leading up to his death. Courtney cancelled his credit card right after he used it to purchase a flight back home to Seattle on April 1 st and according to police reports all four tires were flat.
  15. 15. Reason Eight: Media Manipulation After Kurt was found dead, a month later in Seattle, people could not keep the record straight anymore. Courtney told everyone that the Rome incident was actually a “suicide” attempt. This contradicted everything that Kurt and all of the doctors said about the incident and all sorts of media were taking this story and distorting it in some way. No one knew what to really believe. Speculation about Kurt being suicidal ONLY started because Courtney had been saying that. This only started AFTER his death, making it even more suspicious.
  16. 16. Reason Nine: Conlict of Interest The lack of interest in Cobain that the authorities were showing made it very suspicious and also the fact that most of the officials were close friends with Courtney made things look a little strange. Dr. Nik Hartshorn, a friend of Courtney, said that there was no way it was a murder and ended his interview directly after this statement. Does that no seem a bit odd?
  17. 17. Reason Ten: No Behavioral Pattern The people who knew Kurt best always said and still do to this day that Kurt was NOT suicidal. He was described as a little moody but mostly very happy person who was very enjoyable to be around. Now why would such a happy person kill themselves?....They wouldn’t.
  18. 18. What I learned I learned that there is a lot of evidence out there supporting my hypothesis and many people who feel the same way that I do. But at this time there is no real way to say for sure that Kurt Cobain was murdered. I presented you with only a small bit of the evidence that is available but I think that is enough to convince some of you that Kurt’s death was no suicide. I feel that Courtney, Kurt’s Wife, most definitely had something to do with Kurt’s death.
  19. 19. Reflection When I was gathering my information and sources I used yahoo to search for “Kurt Cobain.” I also used Discus to locate and use magazine articles and newspapers both old and recent. I found all the information that I needed to support my hypothesis from the seven sources that I used. I learned how to search for information both on the internet and using discus.
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  21. 21. R.I.P.