Seo trics to more traffic!


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Seo trics to more traffic!

  1. 1. ==== ====Seo secrets do you really want to learn ! or do you want a monster? ====This is my blog launch formula. It is an absolute beauty. Follow this strategy and you areGUARANTEED to successfully launch ANY blog in ANY niche. I wont make any wild claims aboutthe number of visitors you will receive, nor the number of pages you will have indexed in Google,nor the number of mentions you will have in Google, suffice to say, you will be delighted with thereturn on time and effort invested.You will have noticed that blogs and blogging play a big part in the 7 Sexy SEO Secrets. In fact,that is the 7th and in my opinion, the sexiest seo secret of them all; BLOG.Heres the launch formula that I personally use when Im serious about a blog. You can trimaccordingly for less important blogs, but trimmer beware, who knows where the secret sauce lies?Task + How Long?1. Keyword Research and Domain Purchase 1 hour2. Install Wordpress blog 30 mins3. Install 2 tag plug ins, change the permalinks to /%category%/%postname%/, insert ping list,insert header. 30 mins4. Create my Feedburner feed and submit RSS feeds once posts have been completed. Also addmy Buzzboost to display in sidebar 30 mins5. Insert sign up form using Aweber 30 mins6. Install Google Analytics and submit Google Sitemap 20 mins7. Set up RSS Bookmarker to take care of my social bookmarking. Could also useAutoSocialPoster 30 mins8. Claim blog at Technorati. Also submit to Entrecard (worth buying a few ads) and BlogCatalog.30 mins9. Write 5 unique articles and post on blog. Submit same articles to Ezine + Article Marketer 3hours10. Install WP-O-Matic to publish RSS feed 30 mins
  2. 2. 11. Start a low budget PPC campaign on Yahoo, MSN or Google for selected keywords. 2 hours12. Create a video and post to video distribution sites. Also post video on my site. Also bookmarkvideo by adding video RSS Feed to RSS Bookmarker. 2 hours13. Link to blog from 4 of my other blogs, including 2 of my blogger blogs. Add FAQ, privacy andcontact pages to my site. 1 hour14. Add my site to links network. Submit RSS Feeds. 10 mins15. Completely rewrite 25 PLR articles and set them up for sporadic posting over the next monthor so. Submit those too. 8 hours16. Submit site to directories using a directory submission service 30 mins17. Write and submit a press release 1 hour18. Write and submit various classified ads 2 hours19. (Potential to buy links but Google may frown on this practice. Buyer beware!) 1 hour20. Forum posting (genuine, not Spam), include Warrior Forum Special Offer 5 hours21. Install ad tracking codes on certain campaigns to measure return on time/money invested 1hour22. Rifle shot approach to top listings in Google and other target sites, contacting each siteindividually and exploring advertising/joint venture opportunities. 5 hoursTOTAL, give or take 40 hours* Please note that it takes about 5 minutes per account to register for each social bookmarkingsites. So, if you dont have any accounts set up as yet, please allow yourself around 3 hours to setup 30 odd accounts.So, there you have it. Appreciate it that this might be a bit overkill for some blogs but thought itmight cut out a lot of guesswork for others.There you have it, The 7 Sexy SEO Secrets. They, in case you missed any, are:1. Long Tail2. Off Page3. Ranking page ownership4. 1 way links5. Keep it fresh6. You dont need SEO!7. Blog
  3. 3. Good luck on your journey! Remember to always ask for help and to seek expert advice from topSEO services if you need it.Allen Jesson has been online for 11 years and is now sharing many SEO secrets. He specializesin getting Web Traffic. He also offers one of the top SEO services in the world.Article Source: ====Seo secrets do you really want to learn ! or do you want a monster? ====