Seo traffice with video ?


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Seo traffice with video ?

  1. 1. ==== ====How to get more traffic to you website !! read more ====One often overlooked method to increase SEO traffic is video marketing. It has several potentialadvantages, but only if webmasters take certain precautions to achieve the best result. Heres howto drive SEO traffic to your web site with video marketing...BENEFITSPutting interesting, high-quality videos on your site will help to increase SEO traffic in the followingways:1. Other webmasters, bloggers, and social bookmarking service users often post voluntary links toattractive videos on other sites.2. In addition to regular search engines, your pages may become listed on traffic generating video-only search engines.3. Sites can target search keyphrases that have the word "video" or "videos". This is great for SEObecause such searches remain very popular.METHODSA company may choose to create informative, relevant videos that arent directly promotional. Alocal auto dealer, for example, might provide footage of a recent antique car show. It wont directlypromote their products, but will drive new traffic to the site and possibly benefit their SEO efforts.Other businesses will use video marketing to demonstrate impressive features or capabilities oftheir products. It is harder to gain voluntary links using this method, but it directly promotes sales.Such marketing can be more convincing than text, but only if it is accomplished skillfully.Consider submitting your site to Google Video, so that searchers specifically looking for videos willbe able to find it easily. Google provides them with "thumbnail" images of videos and shows theirlengths as well. You can search for "Google video submit" for more details. Other search engineslike this also exist.PROBLEMSThere are also some potential problems to avoid in video marketing. Certain web hosting providersdo not allow videos, or set bandwidth limits which make them impractical to use. Search enginescannot understand this type of content, so its important to design video pages in an SEO orientedmanner.
  2. 2. Not all users have the hardware, software, and Internet connection needed to watch videos, so asites entire marketing strategy should not depend on such content. It is better for SEO, sales, andtraffic (in general) to have separate non-video pages which attempt to provide the same material.OVERALLVideo marketing offers new opportunities to drive more traffic to your site and improve its SEOstatus. It is only worthwhile, however, when the recordings are of good quality and all technicalconsiderations have been attended to.Chuck Aikens, owner of Colorado based company, Volume 9 Inc, has been in Internet Marketingsince 1997. Volume 9, Inc. provides internet marketing services through Market Vertical Partners& Booyah SEO. Follow Volume 9, Inc. at for the latest on SEO.Article Source: ====How to get more traffic to you website !! read more ====