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Secrets to increase traffice to your website


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Secrets to increase traffice to your website

  1. 1. ==== ====How to get more traffic to you website !! read more ====If you have been getting a low number of hits on your website, then that is the time you shouldlearn how to increase your website SEO. This task is easy and usually inexpensive for you to doonce you learn some of the best tips. This article would teach you how to increase your SEO trafficwhich can be done in a few hours.Once your website is finally created, built and set up, you need to work on your sites SEO traffic.In increasing your website traffic, there are three important things you need to do: Get people tocome and visit your site, to stay at your site and of course to keep on coming back.You have four ways to increase your web traffic. One of the most important ways is to update yourwebsite as much as twice a day. The second is by using articles which are submitted to the otherwebsites with the use of article distribution services. The third is by submitting videos, using videosubmission services. And the last method is to get traffic from press releases by a paid service.ContentAs everyone says "Content is King". Learning how to write good content for a website will makeyour site more attractive and appealing to visitors. These are some tips from Crawford Kilian:a. Be conciseb. Keep paragraphs shortc. Use headings and subheadingsd. Keep it simpleSocializeAnother easy way to add new content to an established site is thru blogs or blogging. Once youalready have your blog, you need to do some things to generate SEO traffic to it.a. Post regularly and often.b. Optimize your blogc. Sign up for MyblogLog. This is a part of Yahoo and allows you to track the things that interestpeople on your blog.d. Use widgets so that people can book your blogYou can also join some discussion groups or forums so that you can say something or promoteyour website. You can include your link in your signature which serves as an advertisement foryour website. However, there are some important points you need to remember when joining aforum or discussion groups.
  2. 2. a. Read the rules of the Groupb. Participate with significant contentc. Your first post must not be about your websiteLearn & Use SEOSearch engine optimization is a way to optimize your site and helps increase its rank on searchengines. If your site has a high ranking, the sooner it will appear in search results. It is not good touse black hat techniques because they are misleading practices and would only give you rankingless than you deserve. Avoid using it because search engines are banning the sites that usesblack hat.Link BaitingThis is like fishing. You lure people to get them to visit your site. It is attracting links by creatingunique and popular content.AdvertisingDont forget to advertise your website. You can advertise both online and offline. Offlineadvertising includes advertising in television or radio ads, business cards, trade shows, etc. Whileonline, you can try making a podcast, a short radio show that can help get the word about yoursite. You can also post a video that talks about your website and YouTube is the most popular sitewhere you can post your advertisement video. Advertising your website is one of the effectiveways to increase your SEO traffic, so dont ever neglect this part.Matthew is an expert in SEO and affiliate marketing. For more great information and tips onSearch Engine Optimization and internet marketing, visit Source: ====How to get more traffic to you website !! read more
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