How to make money from your local businesses?


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Get involved into Mobile Marketing !!

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How to make money from your local businesses?

  1. 1. ==== ====Mobile Marketing Get Local !! read more. ====Adam Horwitz, a 19 year old young guy from Washington Blvd just created a new affiliatemarketing info course about as local mobile marketing. If you have been having a difficult timemaking money on the internet, Local Mobile Monopoly may just be what you need. So what is thisLocal Mobile Monopoly all about and why I think you should check it out.So what is this Local Mobile Monopoly?Well for a start it is not the rehashed method the so called internet marketing Gurus teach youevery day. Find a niche, create a website with targeted content, do both on and off page SEO andsit back hopping some one will find your site click your affiliate link and make a purchase.No the Local Mobile Monopoly course will take you by the hand and teach you exactly how tomake money from local businesses around your neighbor hood. It is basically an incorporation ofmobile monopoly and local marketing with a twist. Just imagine how much a local business willpay you for creating mobile optimized squeeze pages for that specific business. That is huge on itsown but Adam has taken that with this course to a whole new level.So why do I think it is worth checking out.Think about the potential untapped targeted mobile users out there in the world today. There areover 5 billion mobile phone users on the planet, and many more are now switching to smartphones.Just imagine how many business owner in your local area will pay you to advertise their businessthrough mobile phones. That is If they know you are able to put their product to billions of eye ballsfor net to nothing.You can count on Local Mobile Monopoly for a long term business. Why? well because the mightyGoogle giant just recently announced they were now going to focus on mobiles. Actually theywasted no time doing this by spending $750 million dollars on a new mobile advertising platform.Also Steve Jobs the Apple CEO recently announced that and I quote "Apple is a mobile devicescompany. This is what we do. "Apple has also just started its own mobile advertising platformcalled iAD.Mobile is the next generational platform for marketing. There is no better time to start learning howto market with mobiles than now. That is where Local mobile marketing comes in Play. Did Imention that this course is not only a training course but also a coaching course that will hold youby the hand and show you exactly how to make a living on and offline.
  2. 2. You can read a more detailed and exclusive review about Local Mobile Monopoly by visiting theNew affiliate marketing Info for more information about Local Mobile Monopoly.Article Source: ====Mobile Marketing Get Local !! read more. ====