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Do you know Seo?


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Do you know Seo?

  1. 1. ==== ====How to get more traffic to you website !! read more ====The term SEO traffic refers to visitors that come to your website through the search engines, suchas Google, Bing and Yahoo, and others.If a website ranks highly in the search engines for popular keywords, it will get a lot of visitors thatwould otherwise not have known about it - thats whats called SEO traffic.When a website gets more visitors from industry keywords (rather than keywords that relate to thebrand or business name), it simply means the website gets increased exposure to prospects andpotential clients. And of course there is the possibility of increased sales and therefore new,lifetime customers.To get more SEO traffic, there are several steps involved. Here is a description of the four mainones:ResearchOn-page optimisationOff-page optimisationMonitoring and testingLets look at each of these steps in more detail:ResearchIn this phase you need to learn more about your ideal keywords, your prospects and their buyingand browsing behaviour, and your competitors. Through research you can find out whichkeywords your SEO campaign should focus on and which keywords are successful for yourcompetitors.On-page optimisationIn the on-page optimisation phase you need to take the keywords you discovered during theresearch phase and optimise your website for it. This means adjusting metadata of your website,title tags, image descriptions and even content and internal links.Off-page OptimisationOff-page optimisation is the most commonly known aspect of search engine optimisation - itmeans building links to your website so that its actual search engine rankings increase. However,for any truly successful SEO campaign, it is important that you also go through the other 3 steps.Monitoring and TestingThe last and an immensely important phase of SEO is the testing phase. Here you monitor where
  2. 2. your actual website ranks for certain keywords, how many more visitors you get, and how many ofthe new visitors turn into customers. In this phase you can truly recognise the positive return oninvestment (ROI) that SEO traffic brings. Testing your results, for example the conversion rate orthe incoming links, allows you to increase your return for the same effort.These are the four basic steps to getting more SEO traffic. Of course, the reality is a little morecomplex and there is a lot of research and development, as well as testing, that goes into a goodSEO process.For more detailed information on how to get more SEO traffic through monthly SEO services, aswell as our free monthly internet marketing newsletter visit Source: ====How to get more traffic to you website !! read more ====